Monday, April 23, 2018

Week 7: 2017 February 13-February 19

Week 7: 2017
February 13-February 19

The Fave

Week 6: 2017 February 6-February 12

Week 6: 2017
February 6-February 12

The Fave

Most of my pics this week are from our trip to St. Louis, but I did have these two that I also love:

Brothers after school!

Funny CG!

Our trip to St. Louis was unforgettable! I was SO worried that there'd be snow and  we wouldn't be able to go, but the weather was just about perfect!


We actually stayed with Stephanie and Chad in Illinois, so we our drive was about five hours. We left Thursday around 4, stopped twice, and arrived around 9:30. The boys went straight to bed, so we were able to visit with Steph, Chad, and Krista for a bit before bed.


The boys were up EARLY on Friday, but that gave them some time to eat donuts before the zoo!

At the zoo, we met up with my friends! 
It was AMAZING to have so many of my favorite people and their kiddos in the same place!!! 
Aside from seeing my people and their people, 
the highlight were riding the carousel and seeing the polar bear.

In the evening, Krista, Chad, Stephanie, and our fam went to a winery and then a brewery. The winery was SO beautiful and was totally kid friendly. We played Go Fish! and entertained the patio with our cars. The brewery allows people to bring in food, so we had Imo's! Katie and Clint joined us, too. Such a fun night!


We spent Saturday morning outside! I took the boys all around Steph and Chad's property, then we hung out on the driveway for a few hours. Hudson and Colby LOVED Sebastion and Max!

Many, many, many more friends joined us in the afternoon!

We had a surprise baby shower for Steph! 

We played with toys, decorated cookies, pretended to be wolves, passed around babies, and played card games by the fire.

So. Much. Fun.


Unfortunately, Sunday came, and we had to say our goodbyes. : (

Before we left, I walked the property with Chad and the babies, and