Saturday, January 23, 2010

The New Year

I REALLY needed my winter break after a hectic fall semester! It proved to be very snowy - which made me slow down a little bit and enjoy just hanging out!

A few days after Christmas I was able to head with Jane to Kansas City for Malinda's baby shower! She is due in less than two weeks now, and I am SO excited for her and her husband, John. They are amazing people and will be awesome parents - I can't wait to meet their little guy: ) Malinda's sister, Jenny, hosted the shower at her cute house, and we had delicious snacks and holiday nog! We some shower games that had us all laughing, but my favorite part was reminiscing and sharing stories: ) I miss these girls a lot: ( Malinda is the cutest little pregnant mommy-to-be...

Me and Malinda

Malinda with her Mom, Tami, and her sister, Jenny (Aren't they beautiful!?!)

Group shot!

To celebrate the new year, Nick and I headed over to his parents' house for snacks and games. We had a good time...and stayed up until after 2 AM! I had not done that in a long time: )

Me and my new sis at midnight!

Me and my love after our midnight kiss!

I have some busy weekends coming up, so I have been working hard all week! I know the next couple weeks will be hectic at school, but I am willing to be a little stressed out to hang out with my friends and then head to Austin for the KU-TX game! SO excited!!!