Saturday, April 24, 2010

Date Night: )

Last Saturday, Nick and I had a date night...which I really needed!

We went for a long walk at the Rotarty Arboretum before our movie and dinner. The weather was BEAUTIFUL - it reminded us of our honeymoon!

We took a few pics to commemorate the sunny day: ) I'm including one with and one without sunglasses because Nick always likes the sunglasses pics better, and I always like the w/o sunglasses pics better - ha!

After our walk, we had more time than we thought before the movie, so we drove around several car dealerships and looked at cars a little bit. We are hoping to purchase a new car this fall (maybe). Next, we went to the see How to Train Your Dragon (3D). I LOVED it! It was pricey - but worth every penny: ) I had hoped to include a pic of us in our sweet 3D glasses, but we forgot to take one: ( Here is the trailer instead:

After the movie we had a yummy dinner at On the Border. Yummy: ) We had a great time, and I hope we have another "date night" soon!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring makes me happy: )

Spring makes me happy: ) The weather is awesome...and we have only 5.5 weeks of school left!!

In my birthday card last year, Grandmom included this haiku that she had written many years ago. I LOVE it, and I had someone on Etsy create a print to fit the words. I had her include a hummingbird because hummingbirds have always made me think of my NC grandparents! I backed my print with scrapbook paper and framed it. I plan to keep it forever: ) Enjoy...

Spring also brings Easter! Everyone came to our house, and we had our own little Easter potluck! We had a GREAT time, and I was once again reminded how lucky Nick and I are to have families who can easily gather together! (We all spent Thanksgiving 2008 together as well as Christmas/Blizzard 2009 together as well!)

Nick and Me (We always have to take one ourselves!)

Judy and Butch

Me, Grandpa, and Little

Claire and Daddy (Love this one!)

Family Photo: )

Easter Flowers (RIP!! I took this pic a few days too late: ( - Thanks for the cute pitcher/vase, Mom!)

Spring also means...the (muddy) dog park!! We took Callie to the dog park on Friday night after work. It was a beautiful evening, and I enjoyed spending time with two of my favorites: ) Nick and I took Callie off of her leash...and she quickly found her own mud puddle! I tried to take a pic of her in the puddle, but she stopped dancing around in it when we approached. I am pretty sure it was the happiest moment of her life! I can't wait to go back!

Cal's Favorite Puddle: )

Family Shadow - Love this!

"Bath" Time = "Attack the Hose" Time

Cute pup!

Smiles: )

Spring also brings race season! This was my third race in 2010, and it was also my third half-marathon! Although in the past I have said I would never run another half-marathon, some of my college friends helped motivate me to give the half another try: ) Katie, Sarah, Steve, and I completed the Olathe Half-Marathon on April 10, and we all were extremely succesful! I beat my time from last year by about 5 minutes, and Steve and Sarah both beat their previous times as well! This was Katie's first half - and she is EXTRA amazing because she just had twin boys in August!

Nick was AWESOME (as usual), and he came with me! We had to leave the house by 5:40 AM - not a time that we usually spend together! I knew it would be great to have him along for the drive to KC (and he drove!), but I think he definitely helped me with some pre-race nervousness! He surprised me along the route and took some pictures!

Me: )

Almost there!!!


The Bland Family

Me and My Love

Katie, Sarah, Me

I have been SLOW this week in my recovery, but I will not rule out another half just yet; ) My legs don't hurt, but they sure are tired - even 6 days later!

I can't wait to see what else spring will bring: )

Friday, April 2, 2010

OK visit and Dam Run

I mentioned in my last post that I was headed to OK to visit Malinda, John, and Ethan...I had SO much fun! It was awesome to catch up with Malinda and to not have any kind of schedule - except Ethan's: ) He is such a good baby!

When I reached OK on Monday morning, we picked up John and went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant (YUM!). Then, Malinda, Ethan, and I went shopping and picked up some food for the next few days. The weather was AWESOME, so we went on a 4 mile walk on an awesome trail that winds around Bartlesville! SO fun: ) John grilled porkchops, and after a glass of wine we relaxed the rest of the night!

The next day Malinda and I woke up early to attempt Malinda's first post-baby run! I was SO impressed! We ran about 3 miles...and did not stop at all! (Malinda will definitely be my inspiration some day after I have a baby! She ran a 10k last weekend - about 6 weeks after Ethan was born! Go Mindy!) After showering, Malinda and I made dinner (tortilla soup that could be reheated at dinner time - yum!) and cupcakes (reduced sugar classic yellow with reduced sugar chocolate fudge frosting).

In the afternoon, we did a little shopping at the mall! When we returned to the house, Ethan and I had a photo shoot after I fed him his "supper". Isn't he adorable!?!

Then, we ate the soup we made in the morning and relaxed while watching American Idol: ) I really did have such a good time: )

Oh yeah! Malinda also introduced me to this YUMMY cheese - Laughing Cow. SO SO SO good! I keep forgetting to look for it in Lawrence, but now I am craving it!

Before I left Wednesday morning, I had to take some more pics with Ethan: ) He also did some smiling at his mama!!

I failed to take any pics with Malinda or to take any pics of Malinda with Ethan, but she was kind enough to send me a few of her faves! She looks SO happy and beautiful! Love her so much!!

In my last post I said that I did not take any pictures with Ethan during our first meeting - but I forgot about this one that Malinda took! He was NOT happy when I was holding him, so I was a little frightened! Ha: )

On another note, I have been training for a half-marathon, and I completed the Dam Run 12k last weekend (in AWFUL cold/rainy weather!). I was the first female in my age group...although I may have been the only female in my age group! HA! It is still fun to say that I won - for the second time! Nick took my picture when I returned home: )

The half is next week, and (after a successful 11.5-mile run this morning!) I think I am ready for it!