Monday, May 26, 2014

2 Years - Week 16 - Mother's Day

Mother's Day was relatively uneventful this year - 
and it was just about perfect: )

Hudson and I went out for a stroll...

...and saw lots and lots of snails!
{"Silly, Mama! Snail in road!"}

We ate lunch at Johnny's West with Nick's family, 
and I had a HUGE burger with a fried egg on it. DELISH! 
These cutie cousins made me smile the whole time...

I rested all afternoon and didn't really lift a finger. Nick bought me a beautiful hanging basket of flowers, and he is fulfilling my other request (to have my car professionally vacuumed/washed!) in a couple of weeks (after I take Callie to the vet)! Yippee!

We had dinner with my family at Johnny Brusco's - PIZZA! We were in the party room by ourselves, so we shut the doors and the babies were able to run around together. They had a blast with their cars and with the arcade games: )

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!

The boys (Nick/Hudson/Grandpa/Arlo/Aaron) went home, and Mom, Claire, and I went to Orange Leaf for frozen custard (1/2 price for moms!!!). We took our dessert to Dillon's and wrapped up the final details for Lisa's baby shower. 

These cuties sent me a goodnight photo...

Such a great and relaxing day that was filled with two of my favorite things - 
food and family: )

Saturday, May 10, 2014

2 Years - Week 15 - Ry Ry and Lo Lo

A few weeks ago, Hudson's weekend was full of fun with his cousins – Ry Ry and Lo Lo: )

Ryan hung out with us on Friday night while Jenny and Tim had a date night downtown! We ate pizza, talked about unbelievable facts (Did you know Walt Disney was scared of mice?), went to the park, and had ice cream! It was lots of fun: )

At bedtime, Hudson wanted me to tell him stories about a little boy named "Ry Ry" and his friend "Hudson" : )

Saturday morning was spent with Lo Lo. After Hudson and I went to the farmers market (where Hudson spent the whole time asking "Where Lo Lo go?" and "Lo Lo, are you?"), we met Nick, Claire, and Aaron for a fair at the community building and a trip to the park. The highlight of their time together was actually before the fair and the park when they got to jump in some PUDDLES!!!

Hudson can't stop talking about jumping in the puddles with Lo Lo, and it has been another favorite bedtime story: )

Sweet dreams, Hudson!

2 Years - Week 14 - Easter Egg Hunt / Claire's Birthday! / Weekend Fun

Twenty-seven years ago, Claire "Esther Bunnay" Elizabeth Wilkinson was born on Easter (and Lisa found my Easter basket - boo hoo!). This year, Claire's birthday was on Saturday, and Easter was on Sunday, so we combined her birthday brunch celebration with an Easter egg hunt for the babies!

Cookie also had little gifts for the boys - cooking supplies and a chef's hat!

Happy birthday to Claire!


The weekend wouldn't be complete without a trip to the park, 
Grandma and Grandpa's for Easter (which I apparently didn't get any pictures of!) 
and a trip to the dirt pile!