Friday, September 12, 2014

2 Years - Week 32 - Do you know the muffin man?

Hudson has LOVED muffins for a while now! One of his favorite activities is visiting the muffin (wo)man at the farmers market, and he requests muffins almost every morning for breakfast! 

I've been attempting to bake and freeze mini muffins to make them a little bit healthier and to save some money. Hudson has been a HUGE fan - even of the boxed kind: )

On a walk while wearing his chef's hat!

Baking with Cookie! 
(After helping her mix, his job was to point out where the batter should go!)

After singing "Do You Know the Muffin Man?" to Callie...
Hudson declared himself the muffin man!

"I the muffin man, Mama!"

Now I just need to teach him how to clean the muffin pan; )


{ Hudson Lately }

In the last few weeks, I've noticed that Hudson is changing SO much! He plays well on his own, and I can hear him pretending and talking to himself. Today he used a spoon to take off his sock, and then he told me it was a hammer: )

He has also picked up many phrases, such as "I sure did!" and "Just need a couple minutes!" Every morning, he calls, "It's daytime, Mommy!" over and over until I come get him out of his crib. When I come into his room, he opens the blinds, and says, "See, Mommy! It's daytime! Sun come out!"

Sometimes when I ask him questions (e.g., Will you please eat some blueberries?), he says, "I was just thinkin' about it!" Ha! One day this week, he even said, "Wow! That's amazin', Mama!" 

My favorite little phase so far was probably just before I took this photo:

He said, "I want to live here, Mama. With Mama, Daddy, and Callie."

I love to hear him talk, and I love that we can understand more and more of his thoughts and feelings!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

2 Years - Week 31 - Hanging Out!

Arlo spent some time with us while Claire was working and Aaron was out of town. 

As usual, the boys fought over the Flynn the Fire Engine had a blast...


Hudson Robot!

Tickling Papi!

Fighting over Flynn Reading!


Dinner and a movie!

More reading!

Claire usually comes to stay the night at our house after her night shifts when Aaron is gone, and one Sunday morning we took the boys for a walk after we all got up! 
The boys were SO cute: )

Tree house!

Throwing rocks was the best thing EVER!

We could see FIVE frogs from the second one!

"Look! Little guy frog!"

 The weekend ended with some kickball! Hudson wore his new tank from his Frauntie Krista, visited the ice cream truck for the first time, and posed for pics with Mama and Daddy!