Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Six Months Today!

"...For never before in story or rhyme 
(not even once upon a time) 
has the world ever known a you, my friend, 
and it never will, not ever again...

Heaven blew every trumpet 
and played every horn 
on the wonderful, marvelous 
night you were born."

On the Night You Were Born
by Nancy Tillman

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Someone is on a roll...

A couple of weeks ago, I talked with Marilyn (Hudson's daycare lady) about how close I thought he was to rolling over, and she mentioned that he had rolled over once (front to back) at daycare that week. Until a few days ago, he continued to kick his legs and wave his arms...but Nick and I still hadn't seen him roll over. That all changed this week!

On Monday night, Nick saw him roll over. Then, I saw him roll over on Tuesday morning. I mentioned it to Marilyn when I got to daycare, and she said he rolled over on Monday at daycare!

Now he is really on a roll!!! (I know...I'm SO funny!) This morning, I put him down on his blanket. He looked like this...

He proceeded to roll over and off his blanket! I cheered, and then I went back to making my grocery list. When I looked back up, I saw that he had managed to grab my gym bag and had started chewing on the leather strap...

This afternoon, he rolled four more times. I caught one roll on tape...

I think it is safe to say that we are on our way to having a truly mobile baby on our hands! In addition to rolling, he is also scooting himself across the floor! Video and pictures to come soon, I'm sure...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Electrical Closet

A friend of mine was just talking about how she might write a book about all of the awkward/random/unpleasant/etc. places she had to pump during the time she was nursing her son. I told her that I could submit my own chapter for sure! For example, today I pumped in an electrical/storage closet. 

Since tomorrow is a holiday, the lady who gives me the keys to the "official" lactation room (a.k.a. a very small empty office with a table, lamp, and unattractive painting) apparently went home early. Because I am lucky to work in a breast-feeding friendly office, I already knew I had the lovely electrical closet as a back up - ripped up chair and all: ) - so I didn't have to panic or resort to a public restroom!

Even though pumping can be a pain in the booty, it is all worth it for this cute little dude...