Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Electrical Closet

A friend of mine was just talking about how she might write a book about all of the awkward/random/unpleasant/etc. places she had to pump during the time she was nursing her son. I told her that I could submit my own chapter for sure! For example, today I pumped in an electrical/storage closet. 

Since tomorrow is a holiday, the lady who gives me the keys to the "official" lactation room (a.k.a. a very small empty office with a table, lamp, and unattractive painting) apparently went home early. Because I am lucky to work in a breast-feeding friendly office, I already knew I had the lovely electrical closet as a back up - ripped up chair and all: ) - so I didn't have to panic or resort to a public restroom!

Even though pumping can be a pain in the booty, it is all worth it for this cute little dude...

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