Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just what I needed!

(I started this the other night and just finished it...)

I am working on homework and trying to head to bed at a decent hour...but I decided to take a break to blog: ) Nick and I returned this afternoon from Sarah and Steve's wedding in STL. Seeing my friends and seeing an amazing couple exchange wedding vows was much needed during this busy, busy semester!

9/18 – Date night with Nick! We went to Salty Iguana and to the Free State’s first game on the new home field! We stayed until half-time and then rented Eagle Eye. We opened some wine from our honeymoon and sipped for a while before starting the movie. As usual, we fell asleep before the movie finished: (

9/19 – Dropped Nick off for his football tailgate and had my hair cut. Mom and I spent some time organizing her favorite wedding pics, and after a quick trip to Michael’s and Penney’s we worked on a photo book for Grandmom and Granddad. I like the way it turned out and can’t wait to see the finished product!

9/20 – I graded a TON of papers on Sunday and prepared the house for company. I also went to J & S Coffee for coffee and a homework-friendly atmosphere. Nick’s parents came over for hot dogs, hamburgers, and carmel delight ice cream! Yum! Nick did an excellent job manning the grill and the food was delicious! We enjoyed having them over! Before bed, I finished grading some more papers, and we finished watching Eagle Eye. The movie was pretty good – especially for a $1 from Redbox: )

9/21 – Busy day at school – but I was able to stick to my “grading schedule.”

9/22 – I took two students to interview at Brandon Woods…and they are now employees!

9/23 - Good workout in the morning. The school day was long, but it was better than I expected.

9/24 - Had a few minutes to relax with Nick. We watched - and enjoyed - a new show - Flash Forward.

9/25 - Made it to STL in record time. Hung out at "Steve's Pub" and shared stories and laughter late into the evening!

9/26 – Sarah and Steve Kozlen’s wedding day!! (I will write a post about this over the weekend and add more pictures! I am having trouble rotating some of them right now - boo!)

9/27 - Said our goodbyes to some of my favorite people: ( Made it back without too much trouble - except for a stint on an outer road by accident! Finished some homework. Watched - and laughed at - Modern Family.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I should be sleeping...ha!

Nick fell asleep while I was finishing my homework, and now I am wide awake! This week was not too exciting, but Friday did come quickly!

9/14 - Thank you notes arrived...I guess we better start writing! I used the picture below, but I cropped it to be a horizontal picture that is more of a head shot. I don't love them, but they turned out okay.

9/15 - Funny story from BW: One of my favorite ladies held my coworker's hand and said, "You put your teeth in good today!" She is so sweet.

9/16 - We found bunnies in the yard. They were SO cute. Sadly, they did not make it. I vow to never leave one in alone in the yard again. I wish I would have brought it inside: (

9/17 - I finally felt well enough to go to Body Pump. I didn't lift much weight, but it did feel good to be there!

I found this ring on Etsy. I love it. Julia mentioned starting her Christmas list early this year. Maybe that is a good idea!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

a break for blogging...

I am incredibly busy this the point where I am exhausted nearly every minute! I am in the middle of writing a paper for my class, but I need a five minute break. I decided to post my memories from the last few days...

9/9 - Survived a really long day - and Nick started to feel better.

9/10 - Managed to grade some papers and complete some homework. Felt like I might be catching one of the sicknesses that has been going around...but I did not catch it!

9/11 - Great date night w/ Nick. We had dinner at On the Border, and we watched State of Play. It was the best movie we have seen in a while - and it was only $1 from the redbox!

9/12 - LONG run/walk with Callie - we both enjoyed it (pics to come!). Mom & I went to Crate and Barrel, and I finally returned some gifts. I picked up these lovely canisters - I love them!
Then, we went to Archiver's, and I finally purchased my very own scallop punch! LOVE IT!
We went over to Sarah's to help with wedding "stuff," and we made 90 programs! They are SO cute! I can't wait for the wedding - all of Sarah's details coordinate perfectly, and they reflect her unique style! SO EXCITED!

9/13 - Managed to finish up quite a few items on my to-do list. I didn't finish everything, but I still feel okay about it. I am hoping to really catch up this week! Callie and I saw a GIANT snake on our run! Mom & Dad helped up with the new curtains (pics to come soon!). We also spent time with G & G, talked to NC G & G on the phone, and had a yummy dinner at Johnny's West with Mom & Dad!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

An okay Tuesday...

9/8 - Last night I ordered our thank you notes...and decided to purchase an address stamp from Etsy. I received the proof by email today. I love it!
I was also pleasantly surprised by a September treat that Mom left on my desk this morning (Thanks, Mom!)! It is SO cute! I love every part of it! Happy September everybody!

Monday, September 7, 2009

What a weekend!!!

8/31 - Nick's phone situation was figured out without too much hassle.

9/1 - Received a check for pet sitting that was more than I was expecting.

9/2 - Awesome morning work out. Graded a TON more papers than expected. Yummy French dip sandwiches for dinner.

9/3 - Made some progress on my homework. Awesome run with Cal and refreshing bike ride.

9/4 - Dinner with Nick's family. Set up Judy's facebook page: ) Went to bed EARLY!

9/5 - Good evaluation at Brandon Woods. Lunch with Jo. Shoe/scarf/pillow shopping. Homework and coffee at a coffee shop I had never been to before. Dinner and a movie with Ryan and Jenny. Organized gifts to return...finally.

9/6 - Spent FIVE HOURS exchanging wedding gifts! Ate a yummy dinner with Nick's family. Washed (and slept on!) our new sheets: )

9/7 - Washed the new towels!! Nick cleaned the bathroom floor for me...even though it is my chore: ) Ordered our thank you notes...finally.