Monday, September 7, 2009

What a weekend!!!

8/31 - Nick's phone situation was figured out without too much hassle.

9/1 - Received a check for pet sitting that was more than I was expecting.

9/2 - Awesome morning work out. Graded a TON more papers than expected. Yummy French dip sandwiches for dinner.

9/3 - Made some progress on my homework. Awesome run with Cal and refreshing bike ride.

9/4 - Dinner with Nick's family. Set up Judy's facebook page: ) Went to bed EARLY!

9/5 - Good evaluation at Brandon Woods. Lunch with Jo. Shoe/scarf/pillow shopping. Homework and coffee at a coffee shop I had never been to before. Dinner and a movie with Ryan and Jenny. Organized gifts to return...finally.

9/6 - Spent FIVE HOURS exchanging wedding gifts! Ate a yummy dinner with Nick's family. Washed (and slept on!) our new sheets: )

9/7 - Washed the new towels!! Nick cleaned the bathroom floor for me...even though it is my chore: ) Ordered our thank you notes...finally.

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