Sunday, September 13, 2009

a break for blogging...

I am incredibly busy this the point where I am exhausted nearly every minute! I am in the middle of writing a paper for my class, but I need a five minute break. I decided to post my memories from the last few days...

9/9 - Survived a really long day - and Nick started to feel better.

9/10 - Managed to grade some papers and complete some homework. Felt like I might be catching one of the sicknesses that has been going around...but I did not catch it!

9/11 - Great date night w/ Nick. We had dinner at On the Border, and we watched State of Play. It was the best movie we have seen in a while - and it was only $1 from the redbox!

9/12 - LONG run/walk with Callie - we both enjoyed it (pics to come!). Mom & I went to Crate and Barrel, and I finally returned some gifts. I picked up these lovely canisters - I love them!
Then, we went to Archiver's, and I finally purchased my very own scallop punch! LOVE IT!
We went over to Sarah's to help with wedding "stuff," and we made 90 programs! They are SO cute! I can't wait for the wedding - all of Sarah's details coordinate perfectly, and they reflect her unique style! SO EXCITED!

9/13 - Managed to finish up quite a few items on my to-do list. I didn't finish everything, but I still feel okay about it. I am hoping to really catch up this week! Callie and I saw a GIANT snake on our run! Mom & Dad helped up with the new curtains (pics to come soon!). We also spent time with G & G, talked to NC G & G on the phone, and had a yummy dinner at Johnny's West with Mom & Dad!

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