Friday, November 25, 2011

31 Weeks

Weekly Survey

How far along?: 31 weeks

(31 weeks, 2 days - We forgot to take a pic on Saturday!)

Total weight gain/loss: + 29 pounds

Sleep: More dreams...

Best moment(s) this week: It was a good week - work baby shower, Thanksgiving with our families, LAZY Friday morning with Nick, Adams family baby shower, and high-school reunion!

Movement: Yes! I think he has his days and nights mixed up. I feel him throughout the night, and those movements are the strongest ones!

Symptoms: I'm slowing down these days! I feel like it takes me forever to do anything: ( Ha! Sometimes Nick will do something for me simply because he can do it much faster!

Maternity clothes?: Duh. I've been wearing Nick's t-shirts a lot, and I stole some of his sweatshirts this week, too! I'm not sure how women are pregnant in the summer - I can't imagine! I did make one final (I hope!) order of maternity clothes from Old Navy with a gift card I had from last Christmas...

Stretch marks?: Nope.

Food cravings: Nope.

Food aversions: Nope.

Healthy eating?: As long as you don't count Thanksgiving, I had a pretty good week! I need to force myself to drink some more water, but I think I'm starting to slow down on the constant need to eat! Sometimes nothing really sounds good - or at least worth the effort of making! 

Exercise: Treadmill run/walk with Natalie (I ran 30 out of 67 minutes!), Body Pump + 30 minutes of cardio on Monday and Wednesday, 20-minute bike ride + 40-minute walk on Tuesday, Thursday OFF, 50-minute walk with Callie on Friday, and Saturday OFF - just about right: )

Gender: Little guy!

Labor signs: No - and hoping there won't be any for at least 6 more weeks!

Belly button in or out?: Flat or out!

What I miss: Hmmm. Fitting in tights! Ha! I couldn't find any maternity tights, so I bought tights in a size larger than what I normally wear. I wouldn't recommend it!

What I'm looking forward to: Organizing the baby's room!! 

Weekly Wisdom: Don't try to wear non-maternity tights - ha: )

Milestones: We ordered the car seat, (Nick) set up the crib, and (Nick again!) finished the dresser!!! Judy graciously offered to use her credit-card rewards points to order the car seat, so we went with this Graco car seat:

Thanks, Judy!

We still aren't sure where everything will go, but it is starting to come together! 
Even Callie likes it: ) 

What I'm Smiling About This Week V. 18

- This was actually the VERY end of last week, but I forgot to blog about it! Jackie, my friend from high school, offered to let me go through her baby-boy clothes before she donated them. She was SO generous and gave our little guy so much cute stuff! I will take a few pics of my favorites soon!

- It was AWESOME to catch up with Natalie during our run/walk! We've both been swamped lately, and I always feel better after chatting with her: )

- My work shower was AMAZING!! I was totally overwhelmed by how many people came and by their generosity! I'm lucky to work with such caring people. I wish we had more time to get to know each other and visit; unfortunately, we're usually too busy working! I'll take some pics of those things soon, too!

The shower was also for my coworker, Kristen. She was due Decemeber 9,
but her little guy, Gram, came four weeks early!

- Nick and I are SO lucky to have families that get along!!! We went to Nick's parents' house for Thanksgiving, and my parents, Claire, and Grandpa came as well. Some family friends, Jim and Diana, were there, too. We had great food and great company! SO SO SO good to spend time with people I love! I guess I didn't take any pictures: ( Hopefully someone will share some with me soon - hint, hint; ) I did steal the amazing pic below from Claire's Facebook page. RIP, Cheeseball Turkey...

- Nick and I had a VERY lazy Friday morning. We NEVER do that, so it was good to do NOTHING for a few hours. I woke up before Nick, so I read for a while. After he woke up, we let Callie come up to join us. When Nick was in the bathroom, Callie cuddled up next to me and put her head on Dwight with me: ) Nick reclaimed his spot, and we watched some TV. We had another busy week, so we were behind on our weekly shows!

- Nick has been spending more time on the floor so that Callie will be used to having people at her level. She is doing a great job for the most part, and she likes to get hugs from Nick: )

- On Saturday, Jenny (Nick's sister) and Tara (Nick's cousin) hosted a family shower for Baby Adams in Parsons, KS. Mom, Claire, and I drove down early Saturday morning, and we had a great time! Nick's family is HUGE, and it was fun to introduce my family to some of the women in his family! We ate a delicious lunch, played some fun - and not too cheesy! - games, devoured some AMAZING cake/cupcakes, and ended the shower with a gift-unwrapping marathon! We're so blessed to be a part of this family - and I'm glad that Baby Adams will be a part of it, too: ) I'm hoping some people will send me some more shower pics, too; )

- I almost didn't go to my high-school reunion after the shower in Parsons, but I'm really glad that I did! I was only there for about three hours, but it was good to catch up with old friends and with some people that I hadn't see...well...since high school! Once again, I didn't take many pics, but I did take this one...


(I'm sorry that I'm falling behind: ( I actually wrote a lot of this post on Thanksgiving, but it has taken me a week and half to finish it! I promise to post "32 weeks" - which I hit yesterday - soon!)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I must say that I'm kinda proud of myself right now. I plan to spend Thanksgiving relaxing...and trying some DIY projects to cut expenses in the nursery. I LOVE this $18 print... I made my own version in Photoshop: )

I might tweak the font a little bit more, but I definitely should be able to make this myself and save a few bucks! I imagine the printing price will only be a dollar or two: )

Saturday, November 19, 2011

30 Weeks

Weekly Survey

How far along?: 30 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: + 27.5 pounds

Sleep: I slept okay this week. I'm starting to dream a lot again, but the dreams haven't been too scary!

Best moment(s) this week: Making more progress on the nursery! Nick painted the back of the shelves and sanded the dresser. The shelves should be done tomorrow, and the dresser will be done in a couple of weeks. He is going to touch up the wall paint soon and wash the carpet! It will be ready in no time: )

Closet curtains with the chair...

Priming/sanding/hole filling/painting has started...

Movement: Yes! Mom even got to feel him this week: )

Symptoms: HUGE belly!!

Maternity clothes?: This week I wore the same pair of maternity jeans three days in a row - ha! We were busy Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, so I just didn't have the time or energy to get other clothes ready! I have a few things I haven't worn yet - maybe I'll try them next week!

Stretch marks?: Not that I can see...

Food cravings: Nope.

Food aversions: Nope.

Healthy eating?: I did pretty well this week. I'm starting to feel really full if I eat too much too fast. I need to learn to slow down a little bit because otherwise I'm sad when I finish my food and am too full to eat more - ha: )

Exercise: I wasn't able to lift twice this week, but I did get most of my cardio in. I had to rearrange my schedule a little bit because I worked out of town on Monday (one of my lifting days) and, since I wasn't sleeping as well, I didn't work out in the morning on Friday like I normally do. I went to work early instead and took Callie for a long walk in the afternoon. I didn't do much running this week either...maybe next week.

Gender: Boy: )

Labor Signs: No!

Belly Button in or out?: Outish - ha! It kind of hurts: (

What I miss: My innie; )

What I'm looking forward to: Putting the crib together next week!!  
Weekly Wisdom: Completing nursery/house projects make me feel good!!

Milestones: I had my glucose test and hemoglobin test at the doctor this week...and now we start going to the doctor every two weeks! Crazy! I can't believe how fast time is flying by! Baby's heartbeat was in the 140s; ) We get to see him at our ultrasound in 3-5 weeks! Yay!

What I'm Smiling About This Week V. 17

- After registering at Blue Dandelion with Mom, I had dinner at Rudy's with Mom, Claire, and Aaron. It was nice to hang out with them - even though we scared Aaron by talking about babies!

- As I have mentioned several times, Nick is AWESOME!!! He has a break from school right now and has been SO helpful. He hasn't complained at all, and he is getting so much done! He knows how worried I was about getting things ready, and he is really working hard! Love him!

- Auntie Krista sent "Ozzy" a Pack N' Play. We set it up in our bedroom, and it will be the bassinet for a while. It is SO cute: )

- We survived our second birth class (and our first birth video!) and our newborn safety class. It was a lot to take in (and a lot of time not to be home relaxing!) for one week, but I feel a little more prepared; )

- We fInally got together with Nick's parents. Butch helped Nick paint a few weeks ago, but it had literally been weeks and weeks since I had seen Judy: ( We have all been so busy lately, so it was good to catch up!

- Grandpa went to Wichita with Mom and Dad on Saturday, so I spent some time with Grandma on Saturday afternoon. While I missed Grandpa, it is also nice to spend some time with Grandma sometimes.

- LIsa will be home in less than a month! WOO HOO!

- I caught up with Julia and Sarah on the phone: )  

- Work is busy, but I'm banking some comp time while working a few extra hours! It will hopefully help cushion my maternity leave. I'm trying to only work a few extra hours per week so that I'm not 8.5 months pregnant and working CRAZY hours to meet our deadlines!

Friday, November 11, 2011

29 Weeks

Weekly Survey

How far along?: 29 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: + 27 pounds

Sleep: I think the dreams are starting to come back: ( 

Best moment(s) this week: Making progress on the nursery!!!

Movement: Yes! My belly visibly moves off and on all day! I feel him the most when I'm on my side at night - and the rolling and wiggling sometimes makes me laugh: )

Symptoms: Big belly!

Maternity clothes?: A must! I even started borrowing Nick's t-shirts when I wear comfy clothes because my mediums just aren't long enough any more!

Stretch marks?: Any day now...

Food cravings: I don't think so.

Food aversions: Absolutely not!

Healthy eating?: Yes! I had a pretty good week. I'm pretty uncomfortable if I eat too much, so I'm trying to eat slower and to drink more water throughout the day.

Exercise: I had a REALLY good week! I lifted and ran throughout the week. On several of the days, I was on the treadmill for an hour - 10 minutes of walking, 10 minutes of "jogging", repeat. I wonder how much longer I can keep it up!!

Gender: sweet baby boy

Labor Signs: No!!

Belly Button in or out?: About the same as last week!

What I miss: Being able to roll over in bed without thinking about whether or not it is worth the effort - ha!

What I'm looking forward to: Painting furniture, putting together the crib, picking art/frames for the walls...
Weekly Wisdom: Baby class is worth the time and energy! We had our first birth class this week. We didn't really learn anything I didn't already know, but it does make me feel better to have a nurse tell us what to expect. Reading is comforting, but hearing someone talk is so much better. I think we'll be glad we went to the class!

Milestones: 1) First birth class!! 2) Closet curtains = D.O.N.E.!!

Ta da! SO cute! Thanks, Mom!

What I'm Smiling About This Week V. 16

- I keep forgetting to write about this!! I started volunteering at bingo at Brandon Woods, and I love it: ) I'm on a break right now because it is the same night as baby class, but I can't wait to go back - I love my oldies!

- Uncle Paul was in town on Sunday, so we had brunch at Brandon Woods. Claire, Aaron, Daddy, Mom, and Grandpa went, too. The food was delicious, and it was good to catch up with everyone. I also went to see Grandma with Paul, Mom, and Grandpa in the afternoon.

- I'm making progress at work! 11/1 was my one-year work anniversary! I am working on a project this year that is similar the project I worked on when I began last year. The reading team was SO FAR BEHIND (maybe 20% done...if that!) when I started, and right now we are about 70% done. I'm a little stressed, but I feel much better about where we are in comparison to last year!

- Callie continued to be cute and to love her pillow...until she ate him on Saturday. R.I.P. Pillow.

On top!

On the side!

Nick sent this to me when I was having a bad day! 
I may have teared up a little...

- I finally wrote thank you notes and mailed wedding gift cards! I LOVE writing cards and notes, but it is such a process for me to actually mail something. I seem to work better once I have a bunch to write at once!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

28 Weeks

Weekly Survey

How far along?: 28 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: + 26 pounds

Sleep: I had a pretty good week! I fell asleep quickly, even though I woke up 3 or 4 times each night.

Best moment(s) this week: 1) Nick felt the baby REALLY moving around!! 2) Nick surprised me by painting the baby's room on Friday afternoon before I got home!! 3) Saturday night date night with Nick was SUPER fun!!

Movement: Yes! Baby continues to roll around. He becomes active in the evenings and stays that way throughout the night!

Symptoms: It is much eaiser for me to do many things I if sit down first: reach something on the floor, put on my shoes, blow dry my hair...

Maternity clothes?: Definitely maternity pants! I can't imagine even fitting in my regular jeans again: ( I sure hope I do, but they are SO far from fitting right now! Now that it is cooler, I've been wearing my maternity tees with different sweaters and scarfs. Everybody at work liked this outfit: 

Stretch marks?: Not yet!

Food cravings: Hmmm. I guess I would say carbs - mainly crackers and pretzels.

Food aversions: Nope. 

Healthy eating?: I did much better this week! I tracked everything I ate during the work week, and I did not eat as many snacks...unless you count Halloween candy as a snack; ) I did eat a lot of Halloween candy, but I think it is all gone now: )

Exercise: I got in all of my regular weights and cardio sessions, but I did not jog much this week. I spent a lot of time walking, but jogging wasn't really working out for me for some reason: (

Gender: Boy - and he goes by: Baby, Ozzy, Cliff, and Bullseye: ) He doesn't have a real name yet: (

Labor Signs: Nope.

Belly Button in or out?: It depends on how I'm sitting or standing, but I think the top part is "out" most of the time. Ha.

What I miss: I would love to go on a long run with Callie in the fall weather...but a long walk isn't so bad either: )

What I'm looking forward to: This weekend I hope to FINALLY make a decision about what stroller and carseat we want for Baby. I'm also looking forward to some more projects with Mom and Dad. We're hoping to get started on some of the nursery details - yay: ) Pics to come...

Weekly Wisdom: I should not have cut my hair off this fall. I thought it would be easier/faster...but it is not. I like it short, but it is much more time consuming in the long run. Since it is taking me longer and longer to get ready, I've been blow drying my hair and putting it straight into a little bun. I don't really like how it looks, but I'd rather do that than get up earlier, make my workout shorter, or get to work later (and have to stay later!).

Milestones: Nick and I went to our first baby class at the hospital! This one was called Baby Care Workshop, so hopefully we are a little more comfortable with some of the things we'll need to do for the baby! Nick even changed our baby doll's diaper and successfully swalded him: )

What I'm Smiling About This Week V. 15

- One of our favorite shows, Bones, is back on this week! YAY! We now have shows to watch Sunday-Thursday: Dexter, Homeland, How I Met Your Mother, Unforgettable, Modern Family, Person of Interest, and Bones. That seems like a lot, but it is only 6 hours worth; )

- I'm getting closer and closer to having our registry done and our list of "must-haves" finalized! BuyBuyBaby and Babies R Us will send us 10% off completion coupon so that we can finish up our shopping!

- Callie continued to adore her pillow: )

- This cute book from Blue Dandelion definitely made me smile: )

...but I wasn't a fan of this one!

- Nick is AMAZING!! He has been working so hard! The painting is SO close to being done (only touch-ups remain!), and the baby's room looks great! He has also been working on homework for several hours/night...AND still helping me cook and clean! He is AWESOME!!

- Nick and I had a great Saturday! I took Callie for a walk, and then Nick and I spent the rest of the day together! We went to Lucy's 1st birthday party at Paul and Anne's, and it was so much fun! We watched the KU football game, and we celebrated the birth of little miss Lucy. I can't believe it has been a year!

We gave her this book and a KU hair bow: )

After the game/party, Nick and I went to BuyBuyBaby in Kansas City. We registered for some more baby items, but we were a little unprepared and still didn't pick out a stroller and carseat. Ug. After that, we went to Cactus Grill (YUM!!!) for dinner. It was nice to have our weekly Mexican food - especially at a restaurant we don't normally get to go to. Last but not least, we went to Stanford and Sons for a comedy show. We saw Bobcat Goldthwait and had a blast! I like comedy shows because I like listening to Nick laugh: ) 

- 12 weeks to go...