Saturday, February 25, 2017

2017 Week 5: January 30-February 5

Week 5: 2017
January 30-February 5

The Fave

Mom and Claire made a big spaghetti dinner for my birthday! Love them!

It was a GREAT birthday week!

I had dinner with Malinda, Erin, and Jane, and we laughed and laughed. 

I'm so blessed to have been friends with them for almost 30 years! <3

Mom made cookies for me to share at work on my birthday (They were a hit!), 
and Nick sent me flowers in a HUGE, happy mug!

We had spaghetti, green beans, and garlic bread for my birthday dinner with cupcakes and ice cream for dessert! Happy 34th birthday to me!

On Saturday, Nick and I watched Ryan in the Douglas County Spelling Bee! 
He was in SO close to being in the top two and moving forward to the next round.
He did SUCH a great job, and we're SO proud of him!
(He was out on the word "inoculation." I think he put two Ns. 
My first thought was that it started with an O (which doesn't make any sense!), 
so he did much better than I would have!)

Claire and fam hung out with the boys while we were at The Bee,
 and they had a great time!

That evening, we had dinner at Butch and Judy's with Nick's family to celebrate my birthday! (MORE cupcakes and ice cream - yay!!!)

Sunday brought lots of studying, donuts, Go Fish, and meal prep!

My week was also made happier by this pic of Arlo and Fiona! <3

Sunday, February 19, 2017

2017 Week 4: January 23-29

Week 4: 2017
January 23-29

The Fave

Hudson and I served food to some of our community members that were in need of a hot meal. When I explained to him about what we were going to do and the people we were going to serve, he said, 

"I have an idea. I could take my blue coin purse and give them all my coins." 

Some days it is difficult to see the good in the world and easy to feel overwhelmed by all that I can't control, but then my children remind me that we can 


This week also brought...

Cute Fiona pics!

Squirrel game!

Funny Colby!
(He LOOOOOOOVES mac & cheese and hot dogs!)

Aldi shopping!

Claire and fam over for dinner!

Yogurt face!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

2017 Week 3: January 16-22

Week 3: 2017
January 16-22

The Fave

I surprised Hudson first thing in the morning with a giant magnet board, some new magnets, balloons, a special breakfast plate, and a special birthday bear! We was SO excited! <3 <3 <3

After we dropped Colby off at daycare, Nick and I took Hudson out for birthday donuts!

When we got to school, Hudson's friends greeted him by singing "Happy Birthday" to him as soon as they saw him...and I burst into tears. He was SO happy!

We didn't celebrate his birthday with our family that night because Colby started a gymnastics class! Cookie took Hudson to McDonald's for a special birthday treat. 

Hudson requested a birthday slumber party, so I slept with him in his room. Luckily, it gave me the opportunity to see him sleeping and to see that he is still my baby. <3

The next evening, we celebrated Hudson's birthday at Pyramid Pizza!


His magnetic marble track from Cookie was definitely a hit!

Our final birthday celebration was a party with a few of Hudson's friends!
Friends: Colby, Arlo, Fiona, Ainsley, Evelyn, Parker, Alex, Colin
Parents: Claire, Aaron, Melissa, Pam, Bonny, Zach

We didn't have a theme, but we served a few of his favorite things: hot dogs, mac and cheese, and smoothies! For dessert, we had a donut cake made out of chocolate iced donuts with blue sprinkles!

I ended the weekend with a great workout.