Monday, October 26, 2009

no time - but a quick laugh!

I don't have time to catch up tonight, but I had to share this video. It will definitely be my highlight from today:

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Searching the Web

10/16 - I had a productive day at school without students. After visiting with G & G at Brandon Woods for a few minutes, I showered up. Then, Nick and I went to KC with Paul and Anne. We saw Owen Benjamin at Stanford and Sons. It was awesome to do something different and to laugh: )

I tried to find a video on YouTube, but I couldn't find anything REALLY funny that wasn't too rude - ha! This video is not nearly as funny as he was last night...but at least you can see him! I guess he is taking over the "Jingles with Jay" on Jay Leno.

10/17 - We woke up early to Callie barking. I'm still not sure if she was barking in her sleep or at something outside. It was strange - since she doesn't bark Nick and I both panicked and ran downstairs to see what was going on. We couldn't fall back to sleep after that: ( We had biscuits and gravy at Judy and Butch's house, and then we spent the morning cleaning out our garage. Both of our cars fit - YAY!!! SO excited: ) The weather has really changed, so I was afraid it would snow before we had a chance to move our cars back inside. Now I do not have to worry anymore: )

I made pumpkin bread tonight while Nick went with friends to watch the football game. The bread turned out okay, but I do not think I left it in the oven long enough. It tastes good, but it sort of sunk down after I took it out of the oven: (

I did have some time to play on the Internet tonight after grading during the game. Here are a few sites/items I like:

My Nike+ is not working with my other shoes, and I REALLY want it to work: ( I do not have Nike+ shoes now, and I am wondering if it would help to have some. I know you do not have to have them, but I think it would be easier, and I do miss my other Nike+ shoes. These are $80 including shipping...
I am hoping to organize some paperwork next weekend. I am hoping there will be some sort of "deal" at Office Depot in the paper tomorrow. I still have not decided how I want to organize either - hanging folders in crates? folders in file boxes?

I LOVE all of these and wish I could splurge on them all!

Christmas Ideas:

Half Broke Horses
I read about Half Broke Horses in People magazine. Since I loved The Glass Castle, I want to read this one as well!

A Big Little LIfe
I saw this book at Dillon's...and now I think I must read it. I LOVE dog books...because I love my sweet dog, Callie.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


10/11 - Sunday was BUSY! I slept in - yes! - and then worked hard to grade papers and work on my IDT homework. I went to Body Pump in the afternoon and cleaned my room at LFS a bit, too. Nick and I went to Mom and Dad's for dinner with Tim, Claire, and Grandpa. We had yummy chicken that Mom made from one of Grandmom's recipes!

10/12 - Received this pic from my teacher-friend, Alice. I went to her baby shower on Saturday with Mom, and we had a great time. During one of the games, I mistakenly guessed that her baby bump was MUCH bigger that it actually is! Here we are laughing...
10/13 - I had a LONG day, but when I came home Nick surprised me with a hot ham and cheese sandwich: ) It is amazing what a well-cooked sandwich can do: )

10/14 - Made a middle-of-the-day decision to take Thursday off from school! Felt a sense of relief! Mom surprised me with a McDonald's parfait after school - YUM!!! Watched Modern Family with Nick: )

10/15 - VERY productive day! Slept until 7:30 AM, and goofed on the computer until 8:15 AM. Recorded grades until 11 AM, and then I hit the gym. After a shower, I went to the coffee shop and had a honey almond waffle, a banana, and a bottomless cup of pumpkin spice coffee for lunch and busted out some serious IT homework. When I came home, I recorded more grades while completing 3 loads of laundry. Then, Nick picked me up and we went shopping for our Halloween costumes. After dinner at Chipotle (with free coupons!), we grabbed bones for Cal and headed home. I did some lesson planning and folded some laundry, and now I am about ready for bed! I still have quite a bit to do this weekend, but I feel much better! Time for Flash Forward...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Love My Husband!

Nick was (extra) AMAZING this week! I was super stressed - more so than usual for some reason - and not in a good mood AT ALL. I am lucky to have someone who understands me SO well...and loves me anyway!

10/6 - Instead of making fun of my new wrinkle-reducing night cream, Nick told me it smells like a bouquet of roses: )

10/7 - Nick made mac and cheese and hot dogs for dinner: ) We watched and laughed at Modern Family together. Nick wondered why I did not smell like bouquets when I climbed in bed without my night cream. Ha: )

10/8 - I have been SO stressed about our messy, messy house! Without complaint, Nick tackled Man-Town while I worked in the guest room. We did not finish of course, but we spent 45 minutes throwing away trash, organizing, etc. I feel much better, and he gave me the push I needed! We watched Flash Forward together - but I fell asleep before the end: (

10/9 - After a long week, I was sad that I did not have an amazing and relaxing weekend to look forward to. I was stressing about what to do Friday night for "date night", and Nick came up with the perfect plan! He came home and walked with me and Cal, then he made one of my favorite meals, and then he told me we were "going to Santa Barbara" by pouring me a glass of wine we bought on our honeymoon! So sweet! We also tried to watch a movie - but I fell asleep a few minutes into it (What's new?).

10/10 - I had told Nick I would take him downtown to tailgate before the KU game today, but I was VERY late! When I called Nick to tell him that I was going to wait for the awards after the run, he told me no problem! He did not complain at all, and he was happy and proud of me for winning! It was a great start to the day, and I am thankful he was so flexible!


This morning was the WOW Run at Body Boutique to support WTCS. It was SO cold - today's high was lower than the average low for this time of year! I do not know my official time yet, but it was okay considering the weather and the hills! I think I came in around 27:00...and it was good enough for first in my age group! Ha: ) There were not many people at this race, but it is still fun to say I was first!

I stuck around for the awards because I had a feeling that Andy had placed - I had no idea that I had! He was first in his age group, too!

It was also Danira's first 5K, and she placed third in her age group! I guess you could say that Free State teachers dominated the race - ha: )

I do want to write about running a little bit. Sometimes I think that people think that I was born a runner or that running is easy for me because I have always played sports and because I run several 5Ks throughout the year - but it is not. Running is still not easy for me, and I must say that I am proud of myself for running at all. Sometimes during races I want to stop, but I don't. When I had to run for soccer, I would stop. My body would shut down. Even if I wanted to keep running, I could not. At some point, I have figured out how to keep going. I have not been able to figure out why this changed happened, but I am happy that I am strong enough to push myself and my body. It feels good to run, and now it clears my mind and makes me feel good about myself. I hope I am able to run for years to come!

I have also decided that I will wear an Alzheimer's shirt and my Alzheimer's bracelet for all of my runs from now on. When running, I can't help but think about how lucky I am to be young and to be moving and breathing and to be thinking and feeling. I will wear my shirt to continue to raise awareness for a terrible disease that does not allow people to move and breathe and to think and feel.

Memory Walk

We honored Grandma last Saturday at the Memory Walk for Alzheimer's awareness. This was our second year, and we doubled our team to six! I hate this disease, and I hope that our efforts to raise money and awareness will help lead to a cure before the millions of people who are projected to face this disease have to.

Thank you to all who donated and/or took the time to learn about Alzheimer's Disease.

Monday, October 5, 2009

October 5th already!?!

10/2 - Walked Callie in the homecoming parade. Body Pump. Visited G & G at Brandon Woods.

10/3 - Alzheimer's Memory Walk was AWESOME! Pics and reflection to come soon! Lunch with the fam and Timmy's parents. Short run with Callie. Coffee shop - coffee, a scone, and free gelato - for homework and grading. JC Penney for winter clothes. Ate Nick's yummy chili! Fell asleep five minutes into our movie: (

10/4 - LONG run/walk with Callie: ) Love her. Caught up on laundry. (A million things I would like to complain about - but this is supposed to be happy...) Talked to Sis on Skype!!! Here is our screenshot...
10/5 - Survived the day. Saw these cute pillows in an email from Pier 1 - wish I could buy them all!

These are the ones I already bought for our bedroom! Love them!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Almost the weekend: )

9/28 - Finished my homework in record time after Brandon Woods!

9/29 - Was able to sneak in a 45-minute work out after Brandon Woods to make up for one of my days off this weekend!

9/30 - Found out that I didn't have as much to do for my homework this week as I thought!

10/1 - Exceeded my Alzheimer's Memory Walk fundraising goal (Thank you, donors!).

Made mini-muffins.