Saturday, October 10, 2009


This morning was the WOW Run at Body Boutique to support WTCS. It was SO cold - today's high was lower than the average low for this time of year! I do not know my official time yet, but it was okay considering the weather and the hills! I think I came in around 27:00...and it was good enough for first in my age group! Ha: ) There were not many people at this race, but it is still fun to say I was first!

I stuck around for the awards because I had a feeling that Andy had placed - I had no idea that I had! He was first in his age group, too!

It was also Danira's first 5K, and she placed third in her age group! I guess you could say that Free State teachers dominated the race - ha: )

I do want to write about running a little bit. Sometimes I think that people think that I was born a runner or that running is easy for me because I have always played sports and because I run several 5Ks throughout the year - but it is not. Running is still not easy for me, and I must say that I am proud of myself for running at all. Sometimes during races I want to stop, but I don't. When I had to run for soccer, I would stop. My body would shut down. Even if I wanted to keep running, I could not. At some point, I have figured out how to keep going. I have not been able to figure out why this changed happened, but I am happy that I am strong enough to push myself and my body. It feels good to run, and now it clears my mind and makes me feel good about myself. I hope I am able to run for years to come!

I have also decided that I will wear an Alzheimer's shirt and my Alzheimer's bracelet for all of my runs from now on. When running, I can't help but think about how lucky I am to be young and to be moving and breathing and to be thinking and feeling. I will wear my shirt to continue to raise awareness for a terrible disease that does not allow people to move and breathe and to think and feel.

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