Saturday, October 17, 2009

Searching the Web

10/16 - I had a productive day at school without students. After visiting with G & G at Brandon Woods for a few minutes, I showered up. Then, Nick and I went to KC with Paul and Anne. We saw Owen Benjamin at Stanford and Sons. It was awesome to do something different and to laugh: )

I tried to find a video on YouTube, but I couldn't find anything REALLY funny that wasn't too rude - ha! This video is not nearly as funny as he was last night...but at least you can see him! I guess he is taking over the "Jingles with Jay" on Jay Leno.

10/17 - We woke up early to Callie barking. I'm still not sure if she was barking in her sleep or at something outside. It was strange - since she doesn't bark Nick and I both panicked and ran downstairs to see what was going on. We couldn't fall back to sleep after that: ( We had biscuits and gravy at Judy and Butch's house, and then we spent the morning cleaning out our garage. Both of our cars fit - YAY!!! SO excited: ) The weather has really changed, so I was afraid it would snow before we had a chance to move our cars back inside. Now I do not have to worry anymore: )

I made pumpkin bread tonight while Nick went with friends to watch the football game. The bread turned out okay, but I do not think I left it in the oven long enough. It tastes good, but it sort of sunk down after I took it out of the oven: (

I did have some time to play on the Internet tonight after grading during the game. Here are a few sites/items I like:

My Nike+ is not working with my other shoes, and I REALLY want it to work: ( I do not have Nike+ shoes now, and I am wondering if it would help to have some. I know you do not have to have them, but I think it would be easier, and I do miss my other Nike+ shoes. These are $80 including shipping...
I am hoping to organize some paperwork next weekend. I am hoping there will be some sort of "deal" at Office Depot in the paper tomorrow. I still have not decided how I want to organize either - hanging folders in crates? folders in file boxes?

I LOVE all of these and wish I could splurge on them all!

Christmas Ideas:

Half Broke Horses
I read about Half Broke Horses in People magazine. Since I loved The Glass Castle, I want to read this one as well!

A Big Little LIfe
I saw this book at Dillon's...and now I think I must read it. I LOVE dog books...because I love my sweet dog, Callie.

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