Saturday, August 29, 2015

Colby: 3 Months

? pounds, ounces
? inches 
6 M clothes

Colby's Third Month 
- had SO MANY SMILES this month: )
- did lots of gooing - and even had some chuckles!
- loved staring at his big brother
- enjoyed Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (oops!)
- pretty good sleeper - woke up around 3/3:30 and 5:30/6 and then would sleep several more hours!
- liked to move from pack n' play to our bed in the later morning
- had a cold and lots of sniffles: (
- started grabbing and kicking
- HATED baths
- calmed down when we patted his bottom
- napped about 9:30 a.m. and most of the afternoon
- continued to sleep through all outings!
- enjoyed watching Herbie the snail

Favorite Picture of the Month

Other Faves from Month 3


Colby: 2 Months

12 pounds, 13 ounces
? inches
3-6 M and 6 M clothes

Colby's Second Month 
- slept one longer stretch at night (10:30-3:30 if we were lucky!) and then several short stretches
- liked loud white noise when he was having trouble sleeping
- started smiling at 7 weeks
- made lots of cooing and gooing sounds
- seemed happiest in the morning
- loved long walks at Rock Chalk Park and car rides
- didn't seem to mind shopping: )
- loved to hear me sing "You are My Sunshine"
- switched to 6 mo clothes - I decided that zip-up sleepers are the way to go with Baby #2, so I bought some 6 mo sleep n' plays for Colby. They were a little big at first, but it didn't make sense to buy 3 mo outfits because of his size!

Favorite Picture of the Month

Other Faves from Month 2