Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Pregnancy with Colby

Every week I thought I'd get started with weekly posts for my pregnancy like I did when I was pregnant with Hudson, but the time just went SO fast with this pregnancy! 

Overall the pregnancy was - thankfully - rather uneventful, and not-so-little Colby George arrived before we knew it (well...aside from being a week late!).

While I didn't take weekly photos, I did take some along the way...while wearing some ridiculous outfits. Many of the pictures were taken in the clothes that I wear under my clothes - HAHAHA!

With that warning, I bring you...

The Evolution of the Bump

April 16 - 7 weeks / 1 days

May 6 - 10 weeks

May 9 - 10 weeks / 3 days

May 27

July 1 - 18 weeks


July 9 - 19 weeks / 1 day


July 12 - 19 weeks / 4 days

July 16 - 20 weeks / 1 day

July 23 - 21 weeks / 1 day

July 29 - 22 weeks

August 5 - 23 weeks

August 19 - 25 weeks

September 7 - 27 weeks / 5 days


October 18 - 33 weeks / 6 days


November 20 - 38 weeks / 2 days

(I was SO sure - and hoping - that this would be the last belly photo because Colby would arrive early! Instead, these were the last belly photos because I was HUGE, exhausted, and lazy.)

Facts about This Pregnancy
  • I gained 47 pounds - YIKES - and that put me at 57 pounds above my "normal, feel-good weight."
  • I ate SO MUCH BREAD during the first trimester...and I didn't eat much else. See the bullet above - this was a major contributor to the weight gain!
  • The only food I really craved was cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes. Apples never really sounded very good. I went through a tuna phase, too!
  • I had double-sneezes sometimes - just like I did with Hudson and just like my mom did during her pregnancies. (I haven't had any more since Colby was born!)
  • I had quite a bit of anxiety around weeks 12-20 - I even took some medicine to keep me from getting too worked up!
  • I didn't feel Colby hiccuping nearly as much as I felt Hudson hiccup!
  • I was obsessed with buying Walmart maternity clothes - ha! I LOVED their over-the-belly work out capris, and the cheap tank tops allowed me to switch up my outfits!
  • I had four ultrasounds - one to confirm the pregnancy, one to check the anatomy (healthy BOY!), one to make sure he wasn't too big because I was measuring big, and one because he was past his due date!
  • Diana offered to throw a "sprinkle," but I opted for a lunch at Free State Brewery with Mom, Claire, Diana, Jenny, and Judy. SO fun - and they gave me some beautiful and generous gifts!
  • I only ran until week 16 or so. Beyond that, I felt like I had to pee as soon as I started running: ( I did a lot of walking and a lot of weight lifting. I stopped lifting around 36 weeks. After that, I only walked. I did most of my walking at Rock Chalk Park because it is closer to our house and allowed me to sleep an extra 30 minutes!
  • I was EXHAUSTED throughout the pregnancy, but otherwise I felt pretty good! I was SO tired during the first trimester that I could barely move. Chasing a toddler and being pregnant is NOT easy!!!
  • I did not throw up at all: ) - but I did feel constantly carsick for the first three months: (
  • I quit caffeine cold turkey when I found out I was pregnant. I did drink a lot of decaf in the winter, and by the end I sometimes added some caffeinated coffee as well; )
  • I ended up with a few stretch marks, but they're quickly fading!