Friday, June 21, 2013

Hudson's Red and Gray Nursery

I'm SUPER excited to see Sarah's baby's nursery and Bethany's baby's nursery, so I decided to go back to look at my post about Hudson's nursery...only to realize that I never posted it because I needed to take one picture! Oops! 

I wrote this post MONTHS ago (like not too long after he was born!)...better late than never...I guess; ) Everything is still pretty much the same now - except we have nine cubes instead of four...and a whole lot of toys! 



Hudson's nursery was almost finished when he arrived! The only thing left to do was to paint and hang the red frames. We had planned to finish up the walls on our last weekend before his due date, but he had other plans; )

As you may remember from my post in September, this room was a disaster when we began the transformation from an office/man town (that was really just a cluttered storage room) into sweet baby Hudson's nursery. I found most of my inspiration on Pinterest, and I pinned many of them to my "Baby A" pinboard

I'm pleased with the way it turned out, and I hope that it will suit him for years to come! A SINCERE thank you to everyone that helped - especially my mom, my dad, Nick, and Nick's dad!

Here it is...

South wall (looking through the door): 

nursing chair, window, Jaydreamin, changing table

above the nursing chair

West wall: 

cubes for toys

crib and above-the-crib decorations

East wall:

Callie picture and dog hooks

bookcase and closet  

North wall:

special sign

I didn't keep track of how much we spent, but I know that by working on the nursery over time we spread out the costs (and used gift cards we had on hand!) and didn't really notice them. There were several DIY projects, and - except for the crib and cubes - we repurposed furniture that belonged to us or our family.

Some DIY highlights:

- red picture frames: I bought the frames with an old gift card to Michael's. Nick's dad spray painted them for us, and I made the images myself using Photoshop.

- bookcase: My parents had an extra white bookcase. I took the back off and cleaned the shelves. Nick painted the back board red and reattached it to the bookcase. SO easy, and I love it; )

- H: Mom picked up an H for us at JoAnn's, and Nick spray painted it red!

- black picture frames: I bought the frames at Michael's with an old gift card. I made Callie's silhouette in Photoshop and the words in Word (I didn't have time to redo them in a different font...). We also put Nick's handprint on a piece of cardstock. Once Hudson can flatten his hand out for more than a second, we'll put his handprint on top of Nick's; )

- crib skirt: Mom made the crib skirt by following this tutorial from Young House Love.

- cornice: Mom and Dad made the cornice by (sort of) following this tutorial from Domestic Adventure.

- closet curtains: I bought two curtains from Walmart, and then Mom sewed the fabric piece on to them!

- dresser: Claire was using this, but she was ready to part with it! Nick followed various Pinterest tutorials to redo it!

- table: Nick's dad painted this little table (that used to belong to my dad when he was little!) white for us. 

Other items:

- cubes/bins: I used giftcards to buy these from Target!

- nursing chair: I've had this chair since I graduated from college. I bought it at a garage sale for $75. It is from Pottery Barn and hardly used, so $75 was probably a steal!

Voila; )