Wednesday, April 30, 2014

2 Years - Week 13 - Weekends are the BEST!

A glimpse at why weekends are the BEST...

On Friday night, we...

Destroyed the play room living room!

On Saturday, we...

Met Lo Lo (and fam) at the farmers market!

Enjoyed a Juice Stop smoothie + pretzel and a muffin from the market!

LOVED the activities before the KU spring football game!
(We didn't actually go to the game.)


{Bounce house!}

{Sam, Big Jay, and Lucy!}

{High fives and hugs from Big Jay!}

{H showing his belly button to Big Jay! HA!}

On Sunday, we...

Watched Frozen for a second time--we also watched it Saturday night AND ate dinner in the living room--and stayed in jammies almost all day!

Lounged on the couch...

Picked dandelions...

Played at the park...

SO much fun!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

2 Years - Week 12 - Hudson lately...

Hudson will be 
tomorrow - wow! 

He is quite the character lately, and he has a lot to say!

He loves:
- playing with his trains
- watching Mickey Mouse
- E.T. - yes, as in, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: )
- walks - the kind where HE walks/runs...not where he rides in the stroller and goes at Mama's pace: (
- dirt, rocks, sticks, grass...
- talking about shapes, colors, numbers...
- pointing out "matches"
- breakfast bars, bananas, cereal, pizza
- Arlo
- finding money to put in his piggy bank - luckily he doesn't know the difference between a penny and a dollar; )

He has been learning:
- many shapes - especially circle, square, triangle, oval, diamond, and star!
- many colors - Why is "red" so hard?
- many instruments - He surprised me with "tambourine" and "violin" out of nowhere this week when we were looking at pictures!

He likes to say:
- "No, Mama."
- "No, no, Callie!"
- "Stinky feet - EW!"
- "Tell Mar, tell Zeekie, tell Dada, tell Mama, tell Callie." (I'm trying to convince him to tell us when he poops in his diaper. He usually lies about it - stinker!)

He is not ready to:
- potty train
- give up his pacifier

Funny things he has said lately:

In the car at a stoplight...
Me: {I ran my fingers through his hair.}
H: "No, Mama. No hand hair."

Another the car at a stoplight...
Me: "Will you hold Mama's hand for a second?" 
H: "No hold Mama hand. Hold T hand."
Me: {I looked in the mirror and could see him holding both of E.T.'s hands with his hands.}

At home...the day after he crushed a giant piece of Pizza Hut pizza...
Me: "Hudson, it is almost time for dinner. You're going to have pasta."
H: "No pasta, Mama. Pizza!"
Me: "No, you're going to have pasta."

2 Years - Week 11 - Spring, is that you!?!


Nick is sneezing up a storm - boo! - so we think it is safe to say that spring is on its way!

In just one weekend, we...

 Enjoyed some rock collecting and trips to the dirt pile!
(Hudson insisted on wearing his fedora, of course!

Spotted airplanes!

 Got Hudson a shorter 'do for the warmer weather!

Took our first spring family trip to the Rotary Arboretum!


...and blew bubbles on the driveway!

...and ventured out for a walk to Grandma and Grandpa's: )

Our fingers are crossed with hopes that spring is here to stay 
(and that Nick's allergy medicine starts to work soon!)!