Thursday, April 17, 2014

2 Years - Week 12 - Hudson lately...

Hudson will be 
tomorrow - wow! 

He is quite the character lately, and he has a lot to say!

He loves:
- playing with his trains
- watching Mickey Mouse
- E.T. - yes, as in, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: )
- walks - the kind where HE walks/runs...not where he rides in the stroller and goes at Mama's pace: (
- dirt, rocks, sticks, grass...
- talking about shapes, colors, numbers...
- pointing out "matches"
- breakfast bars, bananas, cereal, pizza
- Arlo
- finding money to put in his piggy bank - luckily he doesn't know the difference between a penny and a dollar; )

He has been learning:
- many shapes - especially circle, square, triangle, oval, diamond, and star!
- many colors - Why is "red" so hard?
- many instruments - He surprised me with "tambourine" and "violin" out of nowhere this week when we were looking at pictures!

He likes to say:
- "No, Mama."
- "No, no, Callie!"
- "Stinky feet - EW!"
- "Tell Mar, tell Zeekie, tell Dada, tell Mama, tell Callie." (I'm trying to convince him to tell us when he poops in his diaper. He usually lies about it - stinker!)

He is not ready to:
- potty train
- give up his pacifier

Funny things he has said lately:

In the car at a stoplight...
Me: {I ran my fingers through his hair.}
H: "No, Mama. No hand hair."

Another the car at a stoplight...
Me: "Will you hold Mama's hand for a second?" 
H: "No hold Mama hand. Hold T hand."
Me: {I looked in the mirror and could see him holding both of E.T.'s hands with his hands.}

At home...the day after he crushed a giant piece of Pizza Hut pizza...
Me: "Hudson, it is almost time for dinner. You're going to have pasta."
H: "No pasta, Mama. Pizza!"
Me: "No, you're going to have pasta."

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