Sunday, August 30, 2009

Head for the Cure

8/29 - Hung out with Sarah in KC! Made t-shirts, worked on wedding stuff, etc. SO fun! It was a much-needed evening with a good friend: )

8/30 - Head for the Cure with Amy and Sarah! We ran in memory of Krista's dad, Jack Wolfe.
Our times were good, and our shirts/hats received lots of praise! More pics to come soon!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


8/26 - Good work out in the morning. Nick brought me Chipotle, and we ate together in my classroom. Open house wasn't TOO bad. Ice cream sundaes from McDonald's!
8/27 - Caught up on homework and grading.
8/28 - Long walk with Nick and Callie after school. Date night at Chili's - AWESOME special...1 appetizer, 2 entrees, and dessert for $20! I also had MULTIPLE diet cokes. They were much needed after a long week! Bought a DVD player for our room, and then we watched 12 Rounds and fell asleep!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Catching up...

Some more happy moments...
8/17 - Taught all day and then worked at BW. Made some people smile: ) Watched "The Closer" with Nick. No papers to grade...yet.

8/18 - Taught all day and then worked at BW...again. Made some people smile: ) Still no papers to grade!

8/19 - Made it to the gym in the morning for Body Pump. I wish I could go to the gym every morning! It feels SO good!

8/20 - Ran with Callie. The weather was beautiful - I can't wait to run outside this fall! Kickball practice was fun, too. We played a pick-up game and had a good time: )

8/21 - AWESOME lifting session at the gym, dinner with Stephanie, and a quick drink with Nick and friends (Chris is headed for boot camp soon, so we stopped by to said goodbye!).

8/22 - Accomplished a TON on my to-do list, kickball practice, and date night: ) We ate at Salty Iguana (with a coupon of course - ha!), watched I Love You, Man, and went to bed early!

8/23 - Baked the new Fiber One muffins and shared some of them with G & G. Won BOTH of our kickball games! We are headed to the final four!!!

8/24 - Grandma's 80th birthday! I was able to stop by for a few minutes and give her a hug: ) Leslie sent a link to The Container Store for some shelves she bought for her new house...SO jealous! I plan to keep all of these shelving options (especiailly "elfa") in mind for when we have a new house (some day!).

Callie promised that she would be a "good girl" from now on. We shook on it, and Nick took a picture!

We also watched "The Closer" season finale. I am sad because I liked our Monday-night ritual.

8/25 - Lisa sent AWESOME blog - decor8 - which may become my new obsession! LOVE IT - and her: )

Sunday, August 16, 2009

One-sentence journal...

I read several days ago about a one-sentence journal, a place to keep happy memories without having to write pages and pages. By keeping them happy, it should be a place to refer back to when I am stressed, tired, unhappy...

I am going to try to make a list for the last few weeks...

August 1 - 1-year-old birthday party/out with friends in Lawrence on an unusually cool July evening.
2 - AWESOME dad made shelves for the garage and AWESOME mom made 1/2 birthday cake for me: )
3 - Happened to drive by Grandpa's wreck and was able to help - sometimes people really are in the right place at the right time. Great work out and yummy lunch with Steph!
4 - Hmm...
5 - Hmm...
6 - Hmm...
7 - Finished my 6th Master's class! I am half-way done! The Melting Pot with Nick - SO SO fun!
8 - Movie/pizza with Nick - RELAXING evening!
9 - Lounged on the couch for the last time.
10 - Caught up with Andy after his return from Africa. Opened an AWESOME wedding present from him.
11 - Hmmm...
12 - Great a.m. work out.
13 - Found out that two of my favorite BW residents passed away: ( I had promised Wanda that I would show her wedding pictures, but I never did: ( I think she would like this one: ) I hope she can see it, and even though I can't show her myself, I am happy that I was able to know her at all.
14 - FRIDAY: ) Cal's ear is better. My psychology class didn't look as scary as I thought it would!
15 - We finally watched our wedding video: )
16 - Finally made some progress in the garage! Finally won softball game! Dad sent these pictures of grandma and grandpa. I will keep them close by forever.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back to reality...

School starts tomorrow, so it is back to the grind. Although I am not SUPER excited for the summer to be over, I am happy that as it is coming to an end we do have a few things organized. I still have to figure out towels, picture frames, sheets, spare bedroom closets, etc., but the downstairs is almost back to normal!

Mom came over ALL DAY one day during July, and we switched out old plates, cookie sheets, etc. for some of our wedding gifts. I could NOT have done it without her! Nick and I went through our closet around the same time, and we made $58 at Plato's Closet. Our clothes + old kitchen stuff = over $100 at Sandie's garage sale! Mom and Dad were nice enough to cart all our extra stuff away - I did not take anything back to our house!

Then, last Sunday and this Saturday, Dad made AWESOME shelves for us in the garage! We put the gifts that have been stacked in the dining room into tubs and put them on the shelves today - YAY! I even used the label maker to label each one and taped a photo of what is inside to make it easy to find what we are looking for! We are SO close to Nick being able to park in the garage with me!

I am SO thankful that my parents were willing to give us some of their time to help us organize! I feel a little bit less stressed because of all the progress we made!

Empty shelves on the left side!
We need to clean up the left side of the garage and put the "stuff here!"
Wedding gifts on the right side! They fit perfectly!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Time to catch up!

After the wedding/honeymoon, most of my summer has been devoted to:
- trying to organize the house
- my graduate classes
- changing my name
- working out

I slacked BIG time on keeping up with my blog: ( I just went through my pictures, and I do have some photos to mark some of the more exciting moments of my summer!

The Thursday after we returned from our honeymoon, Nick and I went to the Royals v. Diamondbacks game with Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Lisa, Dave, Claire, Timmy, Paul, Diane, and Hayley for Grandpa's 80th birthday. Sarah was there, so she stopped by to say hello and snap a photo: )

SJ and LA
Grandpa and Me
For a late birthday dinner for Lisa and for Lisa and Dave's last night, we went to Tres Mexicanos - YUM - and then we stopped by the Sandbar. After the Sandbar, we went to our house and stayed up too late playing Wii! SO fun! This was one of my favorite nights of the summer!
Mom and Dad
Lisa in the birthday sombrero!
Mom and her troupy for winning the March Madness tournament bracket! She followed President Obama's bracket!
Me and Nick at the Sandbar
We spent the 4th of July in Parsons, KS, at the Adams Family Reunion. We had a GREAT time! There were at least 90 people there - and over 40 others who were unable to attend! We had TONS of food and plenty of laughs. It was good to see everyone!
Marrah and Me
Tim and Jenny
Judy and Jenny
Butch and Nick
Bubba and Sissy: )
Jenny, Pam, and Nick
Sisters: )
N and L

I also spent some time this summer baking! I was able to use some of our wedding gifts to help me try out some recipes!
banana bread
zuc. and squash from Nick's Aunt Kathy and Uncle Gordy
zuc. muffins
zuc. bread
squash bread gone wrong: ( Callie after eating some of the squash bread
(She also ate 4 zuc. muffins!)
One of my friends from college, Katie, is having twin boys in a few weeks! We are all SO excited for her! She looks great and has not complained at all! I know she and Nathan will be AWESOME parents! In July, we went to a cute, Dr. Seuss themed shower for her. SO fun! (After the shower, I stopped at Archiver's and picked up some supplies for our honeymoon scrapbook!)
Amy, Sarah, Katie, Me
Sarah's bachelorette party at the end of July was just the break that I needed! I am SO excited for Sarah and Steve's wedding (about 50 days away!), and the float trip was a great pre-celebration! I rode with Sarah and Amy, and before we left we looked at some of Sarah's flower ideas for the reception. They were beautiful - I can't wait to see them in action! We drove to Rolla on our way with hopes of grabbing a beer at our beloved Grotto. Unfortunately, it was closed: ( Friday night we all sat in the water/around the campfire and chit chatted. It was SO good to catch up! Saturday we floated 7 miles! It was a little rainy in the morning, but it turned out to be a beautiful day! Sarah looked AWESOME in her b-party flaire: ) We ended the evening with a dance party to all of the mix CDs that people had brought to share! SO SO SO fun! I can't wait to see everyone again at the wedidng! YAY!
SJ at The Grotto
L-Dub and K-Dub
KW and SJ
For my half-birthday, Dad made me AWESOME shelves! We will FINALLY have our wedding gifts out of the dining room! I bought 20 containers for all our "stuff!" Mom made me a half-birthday cake, too! HAHA. It was delicious: )
Me and my 1/2 birthday cake!
This week, we had Tiffany, Brad, and Elsie over for dinner! SO much fun! Elsie is adorable! She played with all of Callie's toys (ha!), and Callie shared several "kisses" with her. Nick grilled hot dogs and hamburgers to go with fruit salad, Doritos, and corn on the cob. For dessert, we had oreo pie...that they had left in our freezer at New Year's!!! Ha ha: ) I hope we can get together again soon!
Me, Elsie, and Tiffany...and some oreo cake!
I am SO sad that summer is over! I can't believe that I will be back to work in 36 hours: ( I still have so much left that I had wanted to do, but I do think I had quite a productive summer overall. Only 9.5 months...and it will be summer again!