Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Catching up...

Some more happy moments...
8/17 - Taught all day and then worked at BW. Made some people smile: ) Watched "The Closer" with Nick. No papers to grade...yet.

8/18 - Taught all day and then worked at BW...again. Made some people smile: ) Still no papers to grade!

8/19 - Made it to the gym in the morning for Body Pump. I wish I could go to the gym every morning! It feels SO good!

8/20 - Ran with Callie. The weather was beautiful - I can't wait to run outside this fall! Kickball practice was fun, too. We played a pick-up game and had a good time: )

8/21 - AWESOME lifting session at the gym, dinner with Stephanie, and a quick drink with Nick and friends (Chris is headed for boot camp soon, so we stopped by to said goodbye!).

8/22 - Accomplished a TON on my to-do list, kickball practice, and date night: ) We ate at Salty Iguana (with a coupon of course - ha!), watched I Love You, Man, and went to bed early!

8/23 - Baked the new Fiber One muffins and shared some of them with G & G. Won BOTH of our kickball games! We are headed to the final four!!!

8/24 - Grandma's 80th birthday! I was able to stop by for a few minutes and give her a hug: ) Leslie sent a link to The Container Store for some shelves she bought for her new house...SO jealous! I plan to keep all of these shelving options (especiailly "elfa") in mind for when we have a new house (some day!).

Callie promised that she would be a "good girl" from now on. We shook on it, and Nick took a picture!

We also watched "The Closer" season finale. I am sad because I liked our Monday-night ritual.

8/25 - Lisa sent AWESOME blog - decor8 - which may become my new obsession! LOVE IT - and her: )


Julia said...

I love the closer too:)

Hope school is going well! And I love the picture of you and Callie -super cute

love and miss you so much

love j

Lisa Wilkinson, CPC said...

Love you too, sis!

Did mom send you this site - www.postcardsfromyomomma.com? IT IS HILARIOUS!

Love you!