Monday, June 27, 2011

What I've Been Smiling About Lately! V.4

Sheesh! Time flies when you're having fun! I cannot possibly remember everything I have smiled about in the last three weeks, but I do have some photos to help me remember some of the highlights!

- Lisa and Dave came to visit!!

- Successful dress shopping in KC!

Lisa and Dave, her fiance, have been here since the beginning of June, so we have been busy! Lisa arrived a few days before Dave, so we hit the road to KC and did some shopping for her wedding dress! SO fun!

After trying on just 10-15 dresses - and before she even went to her last two appointments (which we cancelled!) - she found an AMAZING dress! I've never seen a dress like it, and it is SO perfect for her! I LOVE it...and I may have cried a little when she put it on; )

Here she is peaking out of the 
dressing room after taking off the dress!
Ha: )
Emma, Lisa, Me, Claire
Sisters: )
Mom and Lisa = cute: )
 Mom and the sisters

I recommend all of the places we went: Mia's Bridal and Tailoring, The Savvy Bride (a consignment shop!), and Bridal Extraordinaire...and Winstead's: ) I'm so glad Lisa found her dress, and I'm glad we all got to go together: )

- Lisa may have found dresses for her bridesmaids, too!

- I made some yummy granola - and ate it with Greek yogi and fresh strawberries!

- Nick and I celebrated our second anniversary - LOVE him! He got me some pretty flowers, and we exchanged cards, opened cards from family/friends, and had dinner at On the Border - We were craving Mexican food - what can I say!?! Ha!

- My work friend, Angela, surprised me with a business card holder for my new business cards! (Note to self: write Angela a thank you note!)

- I was a cohost for book club (We read The Nine.), and it was a GREAT night. It was a smaller group, and we had TONS of yummy Mexican food. We thought it was going to be hot, but it turned out to be breezy and just right! We set up a cute drink station: )

- We celebrated Grandpa's 82nd birthday with a delicious lunch at Grunauer in KC. The Wichita Worths joined us as well!

June birthdays - Lisa, Grandpa, Hayley

- We took a short trip to Guy and Mae's for the BEST bbq! DEEEEE-LISH!

Kids' Table

- Krista and I had a Skype date! While she is still 1000+ miles away, it felt a little bit like we were hanging out! It helped that we carried our computers around to show each other different things around our houses - HA!

- I have been LOVING my Magic Bullet blender, and on the weekend I fixed up this favorite (blueberry smoothie, grilled cheese, hotdog, pickles, and goldfish).

- We hosted Father's Day at our house, and I FINALLY made some corn-on-the-cob cupcakes: ) SO cute! Mom surprised Dad with stick-on mustaches, so we spent 20 minutes or so laughing with tears shooting out of our eyes!

- Natalie and I are finally back on our regular running routine! We've been really lucky to have some cool mornings - 65 degrees in June!

- Nick has been extra helpful lately - SO thankful for him!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Thought for Thursday

"Anything you're good at contributes
to happiness."

— Bertrand Russell