Sunday, January 10, 2016

April 2015 Highlights

April's highlights included Easter, Papi's birthday, and Claire's birthday!


We took some more brother pictures: )

We had our Easter festivities at Claire, Aaron, and Arlo's!

Papi turned 60, and we sent him some family pictures!

Hudson ran into Tim and Jenny's pool table and gave himself a black eye: (

We were SO excited to have some warmer days so that we could 
hit the park after school and play in the yard!

We read books every night in Mommy and Daddy's bed!

Sweet Hudson Bob also helped me with my workouts!

Hudson wrote us a note during nap. He came down and said, "I wrote you a note. It says, ' .'"

Colby George tuned four months old and was smilier than ever before!

Cookie's Cousin David came to visit, and he helped us celebrate Claire's birthday!
Hudson and Arlo LOVED him: ) Arlo spent the night before Claire's birthday, and in the morning we made muffins and had a yogurt buffet!

Hudson spent the colder days in his pajamas watching trash trucks on 
TV while playing with his trash truck: )

Last but not least, we helped Hudson's school plant a garden!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

March 2015 Highlights

Hudson was supposed to start at his new school at the beginning of March, 
but he had a few sick days first: (

In March, I went back to work: ( Colby started hanging out with Claire three days per week. I worked from home with him for the other two days per week. Hudson went to preschool three days a week and to Claire's two days a week. It was SO SO SO special for her to be able to watch them <3

Hudson really started to play some more on his own 
and to try some new activities (like making yogurt - ha!)...

Once Hudson was feeling better, he started school. I had SO SO SO much trouble leaving somewhere new. He'd been at Marilyn's since he was 11 weeks old! He did pretty well on the first day. When I left, he was playing in the sandbox with his new friends <3

We also took lots of CG and Hudson photos <3

CG turned three months old...

and we celebrated his first St. Patrick's Day!

We had some warmer weather days and 
were able to spend some time at the library and outside...

We got some donuts, too: )