Saturday, January 1, 2011

August-December 2010

I have been SO busy this fall...and, much to my dismay, I was forced to take some time off from blogging.  I probably wouldn't have had much to say anyway because I spent quite a bit of time searching for a new job, working two hourly jobs, and finishing grad school!  In order to catch up a bit, I think my best bet is to post some pictures from the last few months...


Callie caught the Energizer Bunny!

Biscuits and Gravy : )

Marc and Jerrod's 30th Birthday Party


A Trip to the Topeka Zoo with Mom

The New Baby Hippo - Vision - at the Topeka Zoo

The Baby Giraffe - Hope - at the Topeka Zoo

Cute Callie Under the Table

October was busy!!

- We participated in our third annual Memory Walk (Remember 2008 and 2009?) to honor Grandma.

- I also hosted our book club (after my AWESOME husband cleaned the house!), and one of my friends helped me make this yummy skeleton!!

- We caught up with Butch and Judy at dinner!!

- The weather was great in October!  Callie enjoyed the yard, and I ran in the Nash Dash and the WOW Run with Natalie.

- Nick gave me beautiful flowers (I waited too long to get a good pic of them!) and a card when I found out about my new job at KU!!  (I spent September and October at Kennedy Elementary School, and I loved it!  BUT - the new job offers financial benefits and allows me to put to use some of my education!)

- I visited with Uncle Paul at Brandon Woods with Grandma and Grandpa.

- I went to Late Night with Nick and Daddy.

- We also had a night on the town with Natalie and Colin!

- The most needed part of October was DEFINITELY my trip to Virginia!  A weekend with my college friends always makes me feel a little bit more like myself and the person I want to be!

- On my last day at Kennedy, my coworkers surprised me with a cookie, a scarf, and a thoughtful card!  I miss them - and the kiddos - so much!  (I made them pumpkin muffins and found cute treat boxes at Michael's!)


- I started my new job on November 1, and Mom made this for me: )  SO cute!!

- Baby Lucy St. Clair Dillon was born on 11/2!!!

- Erin and Matt got married on 11/6!!!

- Nick and I went on a date!  We watched the KU-Nebraska game at The Bird Dog.

- We had Thanksgiving at Butch and Judy's, and then we took Grandma some orange jello - a family favorite: )

- I had lunch with friends from high school at Free State Brewery!!


- Nick and I decorated our wee tree: )

- I GRADUATED!!! I finished my final project, and I presented it in Emporia on 12/17.  Grandpa accompanied me in the car, so I did not have to drive alone!  When I got home, Nick had flowers and a balloon for me, and he made a delicious meal!  SO sweet: )

- Mom and Dad hosted a graduation party for me!  There was delicious food, and many friends came by to help us celebrate!  Thank you to everyone for all the support along the way!  I am SO happy to be free of homework!


- Christmas Eve: We went to church...and then we had Chinese food!  After dinner, Nick and I headed over to Judy and Butch's for a while, and then we went home to exchange presents!  We also gave Callie her presents - a new ball and a new water bowl!  She wasn't so sure about the water bowl!

- Christmas: We went to my parents' house for presents, and then we ate Nick's delicious breakfast casserole!  Butch and Judy joined us for dinner, and it was a GREAT day overall! It was much easier this year than last year because we didn't have any snow!

- MORE Christmas: The complete Laird family didn't make it to KS until 12/28, so we had out Christmas 12/30.  Ryan LOVED opening his presents: )

- New Year's Eve: I spent New Year's Eve day with my family.  We had lunch, and then we spent some time at Mom and Dad's.  For the evening, Nick and I spent some time at his parents' house, and then we went over to the Dillon's house for some games and champagne.  It was a FUN way to end 2010!

Happy New Year!!