Saturday, July 23, 2016

April 2016

The highlight of April was our first family vacation as a family of four! Colby's daycare was closed for a few days, so we took advantage of the time and went to Omaha!


Colby was sent home from daycare on Wednesday for puking, so we weren't sure we were going to be able to go on our trip: ( He threw up several more times in the afternoon and evening, but we decided to see how things were going Thursday morning. He seemed okay, so we went for it and only left an hour or two after we'd plan to leave!

The drive went well, and we had a GREAT afternoon! We stayed downtown, so we were able to walk to a brewery, explore the area, and have a patio beer. I took the boys on a walk to the river, and then Nick picked us up for an Omaha Storm Chasers baseball game!


After breakfast, I took the boys for another walk to the river. Hudson LOVED feeding bread to the birds, and we even saw some nests filled with eggs! After that, we headed to the zoo for HOURS of fun: )

{ Butterfly Garden }

{ Elephants }

{ Snack Break }

{ Train Ride }


I took the boys for a walk around downtown on Saturday morning, and Hudson played in the flower petals from the trees: ) We went to a candy shop, and then we headed to the Omaha Children's Museum! The boys LOVED it!!! Hudson's favorite part was all of the real-life areas: a grocery store, bank, hospital, house, firetruck...

The rest of April was more of our everyday fun:

Arlo time!



Arboretum trips!


LOOOOOONG hair and haircuts!

Topeka Zoo!

Bike rides and water play!


Grandma snuggles!


Looking cute!

Birthday celebrations for Claire and Jenny!

Visits to Great-grandpa George's house!


Slumber parties!