Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I've Been Smiling About Lately! V.5

Wow! This update is WAY over due - unfortunately, I have forgotten WAY too much: ( Hmmm. I guess I do remember a little bit...

- On Lisa's last morning, Dad made penny eggs (example below). I had already eaten, but he still made me some extra hearts - my favorite part: )

- Callie and I met Natalie and her pup for a long walk at the arboretum - great walk, great chat, great friend: )

- Julia stopped in Lawrence on her way to her new job in CO. SO SO SO good to see her - it had been WAY too long! We did a little shopping (I bought this!), had an awesome dinner at On the Border, went to see Bridesmaids, and slept through watched Trauma: Life in the ER! Tons of fun to hang out with one of my bffs: )

- Nick and I made one last trip to Penny Annie's. I had a grilled cheese, chips, and - of course - some ice cream!

- I'm obsessed with shredded wheat cereal right now! Top it with a little almond milk, some blueberries, and a nectarine...perfect!!! 

- We went to Parsons for Nick's family reunion! Around 125 people were there! It was HOT, but we enjoyed visiting with family: )

- Nick's uncle gave me some GIANT zucchini and squash. I made 36 muffins and 36 cookies...with one zucchini!! I used this recipe for the cookies - delish!

- I read my book for book club in 3 days! I will probably need to reread it before the meeting in August - ha! It wasn't the best book ever, but it was a quick and interesting read!

- Nick and I met Colin and Natalie at Longhorn for a double date! SO fun: ) Natalie also had a surprise bag of treats for me - gloves, special tea, cookies, and lotion! SO sweet!

- Nick and I planned our trip to NC...and had a wonderful time! Updates coming soon...