Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back to reality...

School starts tomorrow, so it is back to the grind. Although I am not SUPER excited for the summer to be over, I am happy that as it is coming to an end we do have a few things organized. I still have to figure out towels, picture frames, sheets, spare bedroom closets, etc., but the downstairs is almost back to normal!

Mom came over ALL DAY one day during July, and we switched out old plates, cookie sheets, etc. for some of our wedding gifts. I could NOT have done it without her! Nick and I went through our closet around the same time, and we made $58 at Plato's Closet. Our clothes + old kitchen stuff = over $100 at Sandie's garage sale! Mom and Dad were nice enough to cart all our extra stuff away - I did not take anything back to our house!

Then, last Sunday and this Saturday, Dad made AWESOME shelves for us in the garage! We put the gifts that have been stacked in the dining room into tubs and put them on the shelves today - YAY! I even used the label maker to label each one and taped a photo of what is inside to make it easy to find what we are looking for! We are SO close to Nick being able to park in the garage with me!

I am SO thankful that my parents were willing to give us some of their time to help us organize! I feel a little bit less stressed because of all the progress we made!

Empty shelves on the left side!
We need to clean up the left side of the garage and put the "stuff here!"
Wedding gifts on the right side! They fit perfectly!

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Nancy said...

I'm impressed ! Your parents are sweet-hearts for helping you . I look at the mess I have after 10 years of marriage and get overwhelmed by all of the stuff we have accumulated . So , word to the wise .. Continue to pitch things , sell stuff and stay organized .. for your sanity !
Aunt Nancy