Monday, October 5, 2009

October 5th already!?!

10/2 - Walked Callie in the homecoming parade. Body Pump. Visited G & G at Brandon Woods.

10/3 - Alzheimer's Memory Walk was AWESOME! Pics and reflection to come soon! Lunch with the fam and Timmy's parents. Short run with Callie. Coffee shop - coffee, a scone, and free gelato - for homework and grading. JC Penney for winter clothes. Ate Nick's yummy chili! Fell asleep five minutes into our movie: (

10/4 - LONG run/walk with Callie: ) Love her. Caught up on laundry. (A million things I would like to complain about - but this is supposed to be happy...) Talked to Sis on Skype!!! Here is our screenshot...
10/5 - Survived the day. Saw these cute pillows in an email from Pier 1 - wish I could buy them all!

These are the ones I already bought for our bedroom! Love them!

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Julia Dohen.... said...

Hey I will be flying tomorow! and Monday! So give me a call. There is nothing better than talking to a good friend in the airport! I love you so much! Wish I could buy you a diet coke and we could talk about our problems! Love j