Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Love My Husband!

Nick was (extra) AMAZING this week! I was super stressed - more so than usual for some reason - and not in a good mood AT ALL. I am lucky to have someone who understands me SO well...and loves me anyway!

10/6 - Instead of making fun of my new wrinkle-reducing night cream, Nick told me it smells like a bouquet of roses: )

10/7 - Nick made mac and cheese and hot dogs for dinner: ) We watched and laughed at Modern Family together. Nick wondered why I did not smell like bouquets when I climbed in bed without my night cream. Ha: )

10/8 - I have been SO stressed about our messy, messy house! Without complaint, Nick tackled Man-Town while I worked in the guest room. We did not finish of course, but we spent 45 minutes throwing away trash, organizing, etc. I feel much better, and he gave me the push I needed! We watched Flash Forward together - but I fell asleep before the end: (

10/9 - After a long week, I was sad that I did not have an amazing and relaxing weekend to look forward to. I was stressing about what to do Friday night for "date night", and Nick came up with the perfect plan! He came home and walked with me and Cal, then he made one of my favorite meals, and then he told me we were "going to Santa Barbara" by pouring me a glass of wine we bought on our honeymoon! So sweet! We also tried to watch a movie - but I fell asleep a few minutes into it (What's new?).

10/10 - I had told Nick I would take him downtown to tailgate before the KU game today, but I was VERY late! When I called Nick to tell him that I was going to wait for the awards after the run, he told me no problem! He did not complain at all, and he was happy and proud of me for winning! It was a great start to the day, and I am thankful he was so flexible!

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Julia Dohen.... said...

I love this post! It is probably hands down one of my favorites! Tell Nick and Callie hi! Along with the rest of your family! And Butch and Judy!!!

Love j