Saturday, February 25, 2017

2017 Week 5: January 30-February 5

Week 5: 2017
January 30-February 5

The Fave

Mom and Claire made a big spaghetti dinner for my birthday! Love them!

It was a GREAT birthday week!

I had dinner with Malinda, Erin, and Jane, and we laughed and laughed. 

I'm so blessed to have been friends with them for almost 30 years! <3

Mom made cookies for me to share at work on my birthday (They were a hit!), 
and Nick sent me flowers in a HUGE, happy mug!

We had spaghetti, green beans, and garlic bread for my birthday dinner with cupcakes and ice cream for dessert! Happy 34th birthday to me!

On Saturday, Nick and I watched Ryan in the Douglas County Spelling Bee! 
He was in SO close to being in the top two and moving forward to the next round.
He did SUCH a great job, and we're SO proud of him!
(He was out on the word "inoculation." I think he put two Ns. 
My first thought was that it started with an O (which doesn't make any sense!), 
so he did much better than I would have!)

Claire and fam hung out with the boys while we were at The Bee,
 and they had a great time!

That evening, we had dinner at Butch and Judy's with Nick's family to celebrate my birthday! (MORE cupcakes and ice cream - yay!!!)

Sunday brought lots of studying, donuts, Go Fish, and meal prep!

My week was also made happier by this pic of Arlo and Fiona! <3

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