Saturday, February 4, 2017

2017 Week 2: January 9-15

Week 2: 2017
January 9-15

The Fave

 We frequently get pictures from school, but this one really got to my emotions.

Hudson has been working so hard on his handwriting book at school, and we are so proud of him. I love the way that he looks SO proud in this photo.

Nick traveled one night this week, so we took some pictures to welcome him home!

To really welcome Nick home, CG stood by the door picking his "boo-ies" 

while he waited for Nick to come in from the garage!

Colby George helped me with my workout!

Giggling Boys!

 Silly Colby and his bug catcher!

We celebrated Ryan's birthday with pizza and video games!

Nick started painting the basement while watching TV(s)! Hooray!

Colby has been making "smoothies" for me in the tub!

We had a GREAT Sunday!

Muffin Making

Library Trip

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