Thursday, September 17, 2009

I should be sleeping...ha!

Nick fell asleep while I was finishing my homework, and now I am wide awake! This week was not too exciting, but Friday did come quickly!

9/14 - Thank you notes arrived...I guess we better start writing! I used the picture below, but I cropped it to be a horizontal picture that is more of a head shot. I don't love them, but they turned out okay.

9/15 - Funny story from BW: One of my favorite ladies held my coworker's hand and said, "You put your teeth in good today!" She is so sweet.

9/16 - We found bunnies in the yard. They were SO cute. Sadly, they did not make it. I vow to never leave one in alone in the yard again. I wish I would have brought it inside: (

9/17 - I finally felt well enough to go to Body Pump. I didn't lift much weight, but it did feel good to be there!

I found this ring on Etsy. I love it. Julia mentioned starting her Christmas list early this year. Maybe that is a good idea!


Nancy said...

I LOVE that ring !
Looking forward to seeing you at Sarah and Steves wedding !
I really enjoy your blog .. your tooo cute !
Aunt Nancy

Julia Dohen.... said...


I think that ring is cute! plus it is small like your fingers!!!

love and miss you so much

love j

malindaohara said...

Someday when we are both at BW (not working but living) I hope you tell me that I put my teeth in good...I think that I would really feel loved by you. Just don't tell me that they look "fine" :-) haha