Saturday, September 6, 2014

2 Years - Week 31 - Hanging Out!

Arlo spent some time with us while Claire was working and Aaron was out of town. 

As usual, the boys fought over the Flynn the Fire Engine had a blast...


Hudson Robot!

Tickling Papi!

Fighting over Flynn Reading!


Dinner and a movie!

More reading!

Claire usually comes to stay the night at our house after her night shifts when Aaron is gone, and one Sunday morning we took the boys for a walk after we all got up! 
The boys were SO cute: )

Tree house!

Throwing rocks was the best thing EVER!

We could see FIVE frogs from the second one!

"Look! Little guy frog!"

 The weekend ended with some kickball! Hudson wore his new tank from his Frauntie Krista, visited the ice cream truck for the first time, and posed for pics with Mama and Daddy!


Terry Wilkinson said...

Love reading this *SO* much. Thank you for putting it all together! You'll never regret the time you spend doing this...
LOVE! oxoxo

Lisa Wilkinson said...