Saturday, May 10, 2014

2 Years - Week 15 - Ry Ry and Lo Lo

A few weeks ago, Hudson's weekend was full of fun with his cousins – Ry Ry and Lo Lo: )

Ryan hung out with us on Friday night while Jenny and Tim had a date night downtown! We ate pizza, talked about unbelievable facts (Did you know Walt Disney was scared of mice?), went to the park, and had ice cream! It was lots of fun: )

At bedtime, Hudson wanted me to tell him stories about a little boy named "Ry Ry" and his friend "Hudson" : )

Saturday morning was spent with Lo Lo. After Hudson and I went to the farmers market (where Hudson spent the whole time asking "Where Lo Lo go?" and "Lo Lo, are you?"), we met Nick, Claire, and Aaron for a fair at the community building and a trip to the park. The highlight of their time together was actually before the fair and the park when they got to jump in some PUDDLES!!!

Hudson can't stop talking about jumping in the puddles with Lo Lo, and it has been another favorite bedtime story: )

Sweet dreams, Hudson!

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