Sunday, April 19, 2009

Running toward the wedding...

Only about seven weeks until the wedding! Nick and I were talking this weekend, and we realized that we are busy almost every weekend until the wedding! We have wedding showers of our own, other weddings to attend, and races to run!

A few weeks ago, I ran the Brew-to-Brew with Sarah, Steve, and some of their friends. It was SO much fun - despite the weather! Sarah is awesome, and she took the time to write about the day! Check out Sarah's AWESOME Blog for more pictures and details!

Me finishing about 9 miles - yes, my hands are in the air!

It was SO cold! The weather was NOT nice!

Our group at the finish!

Today I ran the Kansas Half Marathon! I ran it two years ago...and swore I would never do it again! Ha ha: ) I ran just a few minutes faster than I did the first time, and I finished in around 2:09. The weather was BRUTLE at the end as we ran up the LONGEST hill ever to finish line! Now I can't stop eating - ha ha: )

Nick greeted me at the end: )

Malinda ran her first half-marathon today! I randomly saw her at the starting line, and then I was happy to see her at the finish! Congrats, Malinda!

Today is Claire's 22nd birthday, so Nick and I met Claire, Mom, Dad, and Grandpa for Papa Keno's - YUM! Then, she opened presents and we ate fruit pizza! So fun! Happy birthday, Claire!

Next up...the Run for Erica and the Dog Jog...and maybe some wedding prep, too: )

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