Sunday, April 26, 2009

Where did the weekend go?

I really do not have time to write this, but I have a minute or two before heading to Brandon Woods.

This weekend was busy - but fun: )

I worked at Brandon Wood's Friday night, and then Nick and I tried to watch a movie that I am showing this week in class. He watched it...while I slept! I fell asleep around 9:15! I tried SO hard to stay awake, but I just couldn't do it: (

Saturday I worked out in the morning and worked at Free State in the afternoon. Then, last night, some of Nick's family friends held a couples shower for us! It was a lot of fun - once we finally reached the shower! There was a tornado warning (sirens and everything!) just a few minutes before it was time to leave! Nick and I headed over to Butch and Judy's to seek shelter! I was still in rollers and not dressed! The storm was rather mild compared to some we have had in the past, but - sadly - this was just the first one of the stormy season: ( Hopefully we won't have one on the wedding day now that we've dealt with this one!
The food was delicious! We had "Poor Boy Tacos" - one of our favorites - for dinner and brownies and ice cream (YUM!) for dessert! We are so thankful to have such loving and generous family and friends!

Today I ran TWO 5K races! I ran in the Run for Erica this morning, and then I ran in the Dog Jog with Callie, Sarah, Steve, and Chewie. Sadly, Nick was sidelined from his first race because of an achilles injury: ( - but he did come support us! We all had so much fun! It was a bit windy - but we were happy for a race without rain!

Family Photo:

Our new shirts:

Me and Cal after the race:

Only 41 days to go! Mom and I are making centerpieces next weekend! I am excited to cross another item off the endless to-do list!

I am hoping Nick and I can put some sort of song list together next weekend, too. I love, LOve, LOVE this song! I heard it on one of my favorite blogs - Green Wedding Shoes. As much as I love this version, I know that we will have to go with the original - it is a Wilkinson-family favorite!

Obadiah Parker - Hey Ya from Ryu Lekranty on Vimeo.

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Julia said...

I like that versioin of hey ya! Just different. But I really like it

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