Saturday, April 24, 2010

Date Night: )

Last Saturday, Nick and I had a date night...which I really needed!

We went for a long walk at the Rotarty Arboretum before our movie and dinner. The weather was BEAUTIFUL - it reminded us of our honeymoon!

We took a few pics to commemorate the sunny day: ) I'm including one with and one without sunglasses because Nick always likes the sunglasses pics better, and I always like the w/o sunglasses pics better - ha!

After our walk, we had more time than we thought before the movie, so we drove around several car dealerships and looked at cars a little bit. We are hoping to purchase a new car this fall (maybe). Next, we went to the see How to Train Your Dragon (3D). I LOVED it! It was pricey - but worth every penny: ) I had hoped to include a pic of us in our sweet 3D glasses, but we forgot to take one: ( Here is the trailer instead:

After the movie we had a yummy dinner at On the Border. Yummy: ) We had a great time, and I hope we have another "date night" soon!!

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