Thursday, November 6, 2008

Eight months...

Seven months until the wedding...yikes! It sure is sneaking up on us! People who are only engaged for a few months must really have to "get their plan on!" I have been enjoying taking my time, but I know I will have to step it up soon!

I just bought this locket - $10!! I love it...

I don't think I have said this yet - the bridesmaid dresses came in! YAYAY! They came the day before I saw Krista and Julia, so Krista and I picked them up on the way to STL last weekend. They tried them on at the same time - BEAUTIFUL!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty - I'm happy to say I love the dresses even more in person than I thought I would!

Now I need to convince Nick to go look at tuxes! I spent one minute looking and found this one called "Tuscany" - HAHAHA!

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