Thursday, June 18, 2009

Honeymoon - Day Two


We woke up before our alarm, so I quickly showered in order to start our day as early as possible. Our food arrived, and it was delicious! We had mixed fruit, egg/zucchini/mushroom casserole, and crescent rolls filled with jelly, and they were delivered to us in a basket! We ate them out on our private porch.

While we prepared for our day, we watched Sideways. Nick brought it with us because the area we were visiting included the wineries in the movie.
We snapped a quick photo before heading to Solvang, CA. Our first stop in Solvang was the vistors' center, and he helped point us in the right direction. We went to Lucas &Lewellen's tasting room first. We spent some time chatting with the graper grower's wife as she poured our tasting, and the grape grower himself came came from the vineyard. He chatted with us for a few minutes as well, and it was interesting for me to hear Nick "talk wine" with other knowledgable people. (Later in the week we bought a bottle of their Lucas & Lewellen 2007 Rose of Pinot Noir.
When we were done, we walked down to their other tasting room, Mandolina, to try the Italian varietals. Yummy! We enjoyed the wines here, and the ladies were nice and helpful! We also saw this book - So cute! I wish Callie could be a wine dog!

Nick really wanted to visit the Sideways vineyards, so we went to grab a bite to eat at a recommended restaurant - The Los Olivos Cafe - a restaurant from the movie! Nick and I enjoyed our caesar salad...little did we know it would change our day! It turns out that Nick is allergic to pine nuts - a fact we did not know until he had devoured them from atop his salad! I walked around the small town of Los Olivos, and Nick tried to overcome his reaction. His reaction was getting worse, so we decided to leave. I drove back to Santa Barbara, and Nick struggled in the car. We probably should have visited a doctor, but the benadryl helped enough to eventually help him overcome the symptoms.

While Nick was sleeping, I went for a walk. This is a picture of our B & B. Beautiful gardens!! Our room was around the left side. It had a private entrance, porch with table, chairs, and hot tub, and a great big room with a private bathroom.

I walked around State Street as well. It was a beautiful evening, but it was not much fun without my new hubby: (

When I returned from my walk, Nick woke up. We talked about dinner, and we decided I would go to a local deli.
We also had the brilliant idea to look for a redbox, so that I could watch a movie while Nick recovered. The best part about redbox is that I did not need a local account, and it only costs $1/day! I rented...
...and when the local deli was closed, I was able to find us (expensive!) sandwiches at live culture downtown. We ate our sandwiches and began the movie...but I fell asleep a few minutes into it: (

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Anonymous said...

#1. LOVE my post! - and the party was called your wedding HAHAHAH!!!
#2. Poor Nick -who knew pine nuts - better get SJ to watch out for those she is the nut nazi:) Love LOVE LOVE your blog - the pictures are gorgeous!!!

Love j