Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Honeymoon - Day Five

Friday (The Last Day)

We started the morning with room service - it was delicious! Then, we put on our swimsuits for a dip in the hot tub and pool while we drank our coffee.

Notice the "June gloom" above the trees!
After a shower, we went to Trader Joe's for some "Two Buck Chuck" and then headed to In-N-Out Burger. We had heard so much about Two Buck Chuck, but we had never tried it. We purchased the cab, and we can now saw that it was truly delicious! We would have paid much more than $1.99 for a bottle! Believe it or not...Trader Joe's has cases of Two Buck Chuck for $23.99!!! Wow - definitely a deal!

Nick had never been to an In-N-Out Burger before (and neither had I), but he had always wanted to try it. He was pleased overall: ) I REALLY liked my strawberry milkshake!
\ After lunch, we went to State St. to do some shopping, but we did not have much luck. I was hoping to find something for our house to remind us of our trip, but there was nothing that really stood out to us. I guess we will have to go again and spend more time looking: ) We were pretty tired, so we had yummy white chocolate mocha drinks from Java Jones and went back to our room. We FINALLY finished our movie, and we packed: (
For dinner, we headed back to the beach for dinner in the harbor. We ate outside at Chuck's Waterfront Grill. Nick had a steak, and I had steak AND lobster - SO SO SO good! The atmosphere was amazing, and it was a beautiful evening!
After dinner, we went to McConnell's Ice Cream. It was the perfect way to end our last night out!

On the way back to our hotel, we picked up the movie Taken. We shared a bottle of wine and actually stayed awake for the whole movie!

On Saturday, we woke up and made our way back to LAX. We were able to see the ocean some of the way as well as the beautiful mountains. Our honeymoon was perfect (aside from Nick's allergic reaction!), and I wish we could spend that week together all over again!

Our wedding and honeymoon was the best way to start the summer!

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