Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Some days are better than others...

After work yesterday, I arrived at daycare to a face that looked like this:

(Ugh. That faces makes me want to cry!)

It wasn't quite this red at 5:00 p.m., but it was puffy and sad and rosy. It was clear that Hudson had a fever (up to 102.8!) and would NOT be going to daycare the following day...today.

Today was a long day. I woke up at 6:00 a.m. to try to work a little bit before Hudson woke up. Around 6:00 p.m., I found myself laughing as I realized that today was NOT my best day. I thought about how I could focus on all of the things I did NOT get done, but I decided to focus on what I did get done instead. 

Some parts of my day were actually productive. Some parts I listed just because they prove that today was not my best day, and they make me laugh because they seem ridiculous when I reflect back them:
  • logged 7 hours of work - 3 at work while Butch watched Hudson and 4 from home)!
  • didn't take a shower before going into work and wore a hideous outfit that will be donated once I have a chance to wash and dry it. pulled off second-day hair paired with a random outfit that happened to not be as wrinkly as other options.
  • ate chocolate chips off the floor saved chocolate chips from the trashcan. (I only buy one bag of chocolate chips every two weeks, so every chip counts. Who cares if there was a little dog fur mixed in?)
  • did not wipe Hudson's hands after Callie licked them because he was acutally eating and her licking made him happy. (I decided that having him eating and smiling was more important than a few dog germs.)
  • allowed Hudson to eat Cheerios off of the living room floor fed Cheerios to Hudson. (Again, it just seemed more important that he was eating at all!)
  • put the dog in her kennel for several hours because it was "too hard" to pick up the toys that Hudson had so kindly given her throughout the day.
  • picked up the living room - twice.
  • picked up Hudson's room - twice.
  • ran a load of laundry in the washer.
  • emptied the dishwasher.
  • mostly reloaded the dishwasher.
  • convinced Hudson to take a nap.
  • made pancakes for dinner.
  • caught myself saying, "Hudson, I did not buy you organic blueberries so that you could feed them to Callie." 
  • took a shower.
  • gave Hudson a bath.
  • FaceTimed with Nick so that he could see Hudson.
  • convinced Hudson to go to bed (after pleading with him for over an hour!).
  • posted Hudson's "Twelve Months" blog post (It has been ready for like two weeks, but I did not want to publish it until I remembered to add his height and weight!)
  • stayed up way too late writing this post so that I don't forget moments like these!
By the end of the day today, I had a face that looked like this:

Mission accomplished! The most important task on my to-do list for the day (a.k.a. take care of sweet Hudson Bob so that he is happy, safe, and healthy) can be crossed off...for today at least. I was not Super Mom, I was not Super Wife, and I was not Super Employee, but I did manage to take care of my sweet, sweet baby.

Today was definitely a day where it was tough being a mom, tough being a working mom, tough being a working mom who has had three snow days and one sick day in the last 12 work days, and tough being a working mom whose husband has been traveling a lot lately. While it was not my best day, it reminded me of how thankful I am for Nick, our supportive family and friends, and my flexible job. It also reminded me that my main job is to take care of Hudson, that everything else will fall into place, and that it is okay to laugh at myself along this journey of motherhood.

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