Saturday, August 23, 2014

2 Years - Week 29 - Big Brother Practice

Hudson has really been practicing to be a big brother!

For example, he's been:

Perfecting his peek-a-boo skills...

Climbing dirt piles while expressing his love for reading...

Pushing "Wittle Dwight" all the way to the park...

Washing dishes...

Giving "T" (aka E.T.) baths--and even wrapping him in a towel...

Playing nice with Arlo...

Climbing trees...

These are all--obviously--very important skills to have as a big brother. 
He's going to be GREAT! 
I can't wait: )


He has also had lots to say about the baby!

For weeks we talked about how Lisa was growing Baby Eagle, and we started to talk about Mama growing a baby, too. He thinks he's growing a baby (which he's going to name "Lolo," duh!") and even asked Claire if she was growing a baby! - "Claire grow baby, too?" Since finding out the baby is a boy, we've been talking about the baby and explaining things a little bit more.

Some recent snippets:

Me: Is your belly full from dinner?
H: No, Mama. Baby in my belly!

Me: Do you think the baby is a boy or a girl baby?
H: Girl!
Me: What do you think we should name her?
H: Cookie!!!

H: Play trains, Mama!
Me: I can't right now. I'm washing the dishes. 
H: Oh.
Me: Did you know that your little brother will probably play trains with you?
H: Little brother play cars, too?
Me: I bet!!!

{Hudson is very afraid of the street and cars lately: ( He was especially scared when pushing "Wittle Dwight" across the street in his stroller. He even cried and wouldn't fnish crossing when we saw a car...over 200 yards away. I told him that he'd be such a good big brother and that I knew he'd teach his little brother to be safe, too. A few days later...}
Me: You're going to be such a good big brother! I bet you'll teach your little brother so many things!
H: I teach little brother about the road. Cars coming, no cross!
Me: You're going to teach your little brother about how to cross the street?
H: No cars coming, go!

He likes to scare us every night when he wears his monster robe. He recently started trying to scare the baby, too! Ha!

Every night we have a "group hug" before bed. He now wants to have a group hug with Mama, Daddy, and baby: )

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