Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Dresses are officially picked out, and I sent an email to the bridesmaids tonight to let them know they can (and should!) go ahead and order them! We have to have them ordered by Sept. 1st to make sure Lisa can have her dress when she is here! The wedding is 10 months from today...YAY!!

Nick and I really need to get on the ball and make a decision about the rehearsal dinner. I'm ready to book the train depot if he is...


Anonymous said...

Hey sis! Is the red dress with straps you are wearing on the blog strapless on the website? I like this one, but can I get it with the straps? Speak soon!! LOVE!

PS I love your blog! Great to know what's happening with you.


Lauren: ) said...

Are you talking about 9186? You can have straps added (you can have straps added to any dress). The straps aren't thick - they are more like the width of bra straps. Mom really likes 9186: ) It is long, so it will be altered to tea-length.

Glad you like the blog: ) I'm having fun with it!

Hope all is well with you! New job starts next week, right?

L: )