Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I am a lucky girl: )

I am not quite sure where to begin because it is hard to put my feelings into words.  Maybe my smile in this picture will help...

I think it is pretty apparent by my smile that there is no where in the world I would have rather been than right there, hand-in-hand with the love of my life, being pronounced husband and wife.

As everyone already knows, I have known since high school that I should be with Nick forever.  Sure, I am lucky that I returned from college to marry my high school boyfriend - but, that is now only a little part of the reason that I feel so lucky.

It becomes more apparent every day just how AMAZING he is as a husband!  

In December, after 2.5 years of school, he stood beside me at my graduation party - an exciting day for us!

When we first started dating again (almost 5 years ago!), I was preparing to start my first year of teaching.  I explained to Nick that it could be quite a difficult year, and I tried to prepare him for what that year would be like.  We soon found that my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year were just as hard - if not harder! I coached soccer for the first two years, and I took grad school classes during the 3rd and 4th years. Throughout it all, Nick encouraged me and reminded me that I worked so hard because I care so much.

He also supported me when I decided to quit teaching - in an economy that wasn't (and still isn't!) very friendly to those without jobs and to those looking for jobs.  He never expressed concerns about how we'd make it financially; he only worked harder to make sure he hit his budgets (and was sales-person-of-the-month twice!) and reminded me that I need to be happy.  

This fall, I worked two jobs and worked on my degree; he continued to cook dinner every night after work and to clean the kitchen after we ate.  On the weekends, he encouraged me to take a break from work and school, but he supported me when I became frustrated because I always had so much to do.

When I did not get the first job I interviewed for, he remained positive and told me he knew I would find something better. When I was offered my current position, he gave me a thoughtful card and beautiful flowers. He continued to cook dinner every night and to look at my master's project...over and over: )

My first few months at my new job have been hectic, and I have continued to put in some long hours.  You guessed it - Nick continues to be AWESOME, and he continues to cook every night and to have a big hug waiting for me when I come home!

I have never been very good at saying "I'm sorry!" or admitting that I'm wrong. Nick is just as competetive as I am, but he is always the first to say "I'm sorry!" and the first to give a hug after a fight.  He is willing to let down his guard to quickly end any disagreements we have. I know he truly wants us to be happy and that it is not only because of the advice he received over and over on our wedding day - "Happy wife, happy life!" ; )

Nick always remembers to take the trash out, to run hot water in the dirty pans, to say "I love you" before bed, and to put the toilet seat down. He consistently puts Callie to bed at night and helps me prepare all my "stuff" for the next day.

In addition to all he does EVERY day, in just the last six weeks he has also:
- surprised me with flowers, chocolates, wine and a home-cooked meal to celebrate my graduation
- surprised me with a Tervis tumbler cup/lid/straws (filled with diet coke!) just because he knew I was kinda jealous of his cup: )
- surprised me by cleaning the WHOLE house so that I could relax one day on the weekend
- reassured me over and over that my hard work will pay off
- surprised me with a GIANT diet coke while I was in the middle of a BORING conference call on a snow day
- made me a yummy breakfast on another snow day
- shoveled the snow in our driveway (I haven't helped at all - oops!)
- "taken care of" the mouse in our garage (RIP Stinco!)
- cleaned the house - again - before (and after!) my college friends came to visit
- brushed Callie for hours (and vacuumed some more!)
- made time to take Callie to the vet
- French-rolled my pants so they wouldn't get wet in the snow; )

I know I don't tell him "thank you" enough - and I hope this post will help him see just how thankful I am. I sincerely appreciate all that he does to help make my life a little bit easier. I am also so thankful to find myself more and more in love with my best friend every day!

Nick turned 30 in January, and I really liked this card I found for him! 

I hope this year is his best yet! I look forward to being a part of it, and I look forward to playing video games, visiting wineries, taking a trip to North Carolina, playing at the dog park, watching KU games/Bones/American Idol/HIMYM/Modern Family - and to cooking him dinner once in a while; )

To Nick - Thank you for being you. I love you.


Mimi said...

Hey, I found your blog through Natalie's! Happy (now belated) birthday to you and try to stay warm!

Sis said...

Wow, that boy must come from some good stock!

I'm very proud to have Nick as my brother and so very happy to have you as my sister.

Love you guys!