Thursday, September 29, 2011

22 Weeks

Weekly Survey

How far along?: 22 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: + 19ish (More on this in a second...)

Sleep: I got some sleep this week - but I'm still struggling: (

Best moment(s) this week: We went to the doctor on Wednesday, and everything looks good! She measured me for the first time and said all is well. We heard his little heartbeat, and it was over 150 bpm!

Movement: Yes! Little thumps - usually after I eat; )

Symptoms: WEIGHT GAIN!! I asked the doctor about my weight gain, and she said her records show I've gained 24 pounds! 24!?! I was too shocked to ask her what she has as my initial weight, so I'm hoping she just did the math a little too quickly. I'm trying to rely on my scale at home because I weigh myself at the same time every morning during the week. I'll be a little nervous when my scale jumps over 20 pounds! I know I need to gain weight - I just would like to do so a little bit slower; )

Maternity clothes?: Lovin' my skinny jeans - and wearing jeans in general now that it is cooler. I also received my maternity leggings in the mail - and they are awesome! I've decided that I'm going to start wearing some of my maternity tops soon! 

Stretch marks?: I thought I saw one, but it was a false alarm!

Food cravings: Cottage cheese - duh! I'm also loving pumpkin, but that may be because it is feeling more and more like fall; )

Food aversions: See symptoms above!

Healthy eating?: Yes! I tracked my food a little bit better this week, and I tried to avoid a snack after dinner or to eat a smaller dinner and then have a snack. We'll see how the weight gain goes...

Exercise: Still feeling great!

Gender: BOY!!

Labor Signs: Not yet; )

Belly Button in or out?: In...but becoming more level with my tummy - if that makes sense!

What I miss: Hmmm. Not much right now!!

What I'm looking forward to: Seeing my college friends this weekend!!

Weekly Wisdom: Ask others for help!!

Milestones: I finally cleaned out the "stuff" from under our bed! We've made the house a D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R. as we prepare for our garage sale, but I'm hoping we'll feel lighter once the reorganization and purging is done!

What I'm Smiling About This Week V. 11

- Mom and I went to a Kids Closet Connection event in Lawrence. There was SO much stuff! I really just wanted to go to see what it was like, but we did pick up a few things; )

Mom bought us this Eddie Bauer Infant Travel Bed for $5!
I've seen it online for between $25 and $40. 
It folds and zips into a little carrying case. 
It will be perfect for our first trip to NC after the baby is born! 

I bought these sweet little shoes for $1; )
I think they'll work for spring, summer, or fall!
SO cute!

I also bought a maternity dress for $8, but I haven't taken a picture of it yet! It might be perfect for one of my showers. I'm sure it will show up on here eventually: )

- Mom helped me organize my scrapbook stuff! It was fun to see how much the paper has changed over the last 10 or 15 years. Some of it was actually pretty funny! Mom also brought me some organizational cubes, and once they are all set up I'll take a photo for you! 

- Dad brought over some shelves from Claire's old room. I think they'll be perfect in the closet eventually. I plan to stack these red and blue crates on them. I have four big ones and six little ones. I'm sure it will all look MUCH better once we get rid of the ugly closet doors!!

- Lisa's soon-to-be mother-in-law sent us a sweet gift from Australia! SO unexpected, SO appreciated, and SO cute!

Even the packaging was adorable!

- I went to lunch with Claire on Thursday. Even though we live in the same city, we do not see each other as often as I'd like. It was nice to catch up, and I hope we do it again soon!

- I went on a walk with Tiffany on Thursday. It was great to get some exercise and to catch up with a close friend! The weather was beautiful, too: )

- After visiting Grandma, I went to Freddy's with Grandpa and Mom. I'd been there for ice cream before, but this was my first time to go there for dinner. Delicious!!

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Natalie said...

Those shoes are so cute!! Also, what a nice gift from Lisa's mother-in-law to be. ADORABLE :)

Don't worry about the weight're doing everything right!