Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another day of firsts...

The rest of our hospital stay marked some special firsts: our first family photo, our first night as a family, etc...and Hudson met many of our friends and family members for the first time!

Family photo in the recovery room!
(I REALLY needed a shower - yikes!)

 With Daddy before bed on our first night!

Natalie came to visit, brought us AMAZING smoothiesand took my favorite picture of me with Hudson in the hospital!



Zach and Bonny came by, too! They have a little one on the way as well - yay! A few days after this picture was taken, we found out that they are moving back to Kansas (from Germany!)



Judy made her way back from her work trip, and she promptly came to meet her newest grandson.

Grandma Judy

When Mom finished work, she and Grandpa came by for a quick visit. It was pretty neat to see my grandpa with his first great-grandchild!

Great-grandpa George

I love this one: )

We also took time to have a little photo session...

Time with Daddy
(Hudson's little face still looks so swollen!)

On Friday, Jenny (Nick's sister), Tim, and Ryan made came to town from Texas!

Auntie Jenny

Cousin Ryan and Uncle Tim

Cousin Ryan checking out the baby!

After a great experience at the hospital, it was time to go home! Hudson wore his first KU outfit - even though it was a little big! - and we covered him up with his new KU blanket from the Laird family. SO cute!

I have to admit that it was a little terrifying to leave the hospital! As the nurse walked us down to the car, I couldn't help but think that we were about to start a very new - and very real - part of our lives! We went through Walgreens on the way home to drop off a prescription for my pain meds, and then we headed home for our first night together!

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