Saturday, March 3, 2012

So many people to meet!

A new baby has quite the social life! Hudson had so many people to meet, so we had lots of visitors in his first few weeks!

He got to meet my dad in the hospital, 
but Dad didn't get to hold him until we were home!

Aaron, Claire's boyfriend, came over with Claire 
so that he could hold Hudson for the first time!

My friend Emma, who is also a former student of mine, 
came by for some snuggles when she was home from K-State. 

Jane, one of my BFFs since kindergarten, wasn't able to come by the hospital, 
but she also made a visit soon after we came home!

Denise, one of Nick's 30+ cousins, 
brought us some yummy lasagna as an excuse to hold the baby; )

Kristin, one of my friends from work, brought her son Gram by for a visit! 

Uncle Paul - now Hudson's Great-uncle Paul! - made a quick visit from Wichita!

I realize that most of the photos above are token new baby shots, but there is just something so special about documenting the moment that important people in our lives meet the newest - and sweetest - member of our family.

I do have a few nontraditional photos! In addition to meeting Auntie Lisa via Skype, Hudson met Krista and many of my other college friends via Skype.

I shed a few tears as I introduced Hudson to Krista, my BFF, and I can't wait for her to be here in April to meet him in person!

Meeting Krista 
(Our faces in this pic make me laugh!)

Instead of a meeting in Kansas for the Inbetweenie (200920102011), some of my college friends gathered in CO the first weekend of February. Because of the amazing technology of 2012, they gathered around an iPad and gave us a call. I miss them SO SO SO much, and it really meant a lot to me that they took time out of their weekend to meet Hudson and to hear my birth story.

My girls gathered around the iPad - I love that they're so smiley: )

Sleepy Hudson on the iPad screen!

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of all of the important people Hudson has met, including: Sandie, Colin, Alicia, Toni, Jason, Erin, Malinda (and family!), David, my colleagues (I took him to the February CETE party!), Tara, Hunter, Sam...and probably many others that I'm forgetting! Don't worry - I'm sure I'll have other pictures soon; )

I guess I should mention that Hudson also met all of our Facebook friends - ha! The response was overwhelming! In addition to all of the congratulatory posts on my wall, there were so many sweet messages in response to my announcement:

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