Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some pictures...finally!

Groundhog Run - January 2009
Steve, Sarah, and I ran a 5k together in January. It was Steve and Sarah's first race! They did AWESOME, and we had SO SO SO much fun! I'm so proud of them both: )

Inbetweenie Weekend - January/February 2009

birthday BFFs turn 26 - YIKES!

birthday JKL!

I am so grateful to have such AMAZING friends, and I was lucky to share my birthday with them. We had so much fun - but I always miss them SO much after we say goodbye: (

My 26th Birthday - February 2009

Mom decorated my room, and Nick and Claire sents flowers: ) It was a happy day!

Mom and Dad had us over for goulash and yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting - YUMMY!


Anonymous said...

Your bangs are growing out well and I'm loving the straightened hair look. Looking good!!

xx Lisa

Anonymous said...

Love all of the pictures L:) So cute. You picked out really good one!

Can't wait to see you! Only a couple more months:)

Love Julia