Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I realized today that my blogging has really s l o w e d down: ( I have been busy...I just don't have too much to say right now - or much time to say it!

I keep telling Nick that I think we're making progress, but it feels like we're not making any because we can't ever get anything completely crossed off our to-do list! Hopefully we'll cross some things off in the next few weeks. We did meet with Peter at the church last night! We talked about the ceremony, and I think we are going to include a wine ceremony of some kind: ) I think it will make it more personal, it will tie into our theme, and it will allow us to share some of our relationship with others.

Mom and I went to Kohl's (30% off!) and Old Navy today. I was able to find an arb (ha!) to wear under my shower dresses and (hopefully) my wedding dress. I also found shoes and cardigans for my shower dresses. I am in love with my green shoes (on the left)...

I bought the ones on the right in hot pink - I can't wait to wear both pairs!!!

I have a few phone calls to make the next few days in order to make some more appointments for spring break. I am meeting with the caterer, the alterations lady, and the rehearsal dinner lady for sure, and I am hoping to make invites, meet with the flower lady, and meet with the reception lady. Mom and I also need to go to KC at some point to buy my veil. I still need to figure out hair and make up...AHHHHHHHH!!! Three months and two days...

Hmmm...I'm too tired to post pictures (from Oklahoma and of the invitation paper!) and video (of the crazy robins!), but I hope I can this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Glad to see a new post. I want to give you a call and check in. When's good for you? LOVE!!!

Your big

Anonymous said...


I love those shoes. You have such good taste. I love you and hope you can cross some things off - maybe make littlier things just so cross them off - that always makes me feel better:)